Garage Sports Equipment Organizer

Check out this easy garage sports equipment organizer.

We are in the middle of baseball season here at the Davis household, and there’s a lot of equipment thrown around in the garage.  I was tired of stepping out of the house and tripping over bats and cleats.  So, I purchased Rubbermaid’s FastTrack 5 piece kit.  I needed some organization FAST.  And, I have to tell you, this little kit provided the sports equipment organization we needed!

Garage Sports Equipment Organizer

Now, the garage is my husband’s domain, but he was quickly on board with this sports organization project.  Probably because this little FastTrack system was so easy to install. FastTrackSportOrganizationSTUD

The directions are easy to follow, and Steve had the thing up in no time!  {Look at my stud looking for a stud.}


^ Seriously.  It’s just that easy.


I (well, actually Steve) added a shelf to the top of the rack for even more storage.



The shelf was just a new piece of wood and some brackets.  But I wanted the new piece of wood to look rustic and old, so I painted it with a really simple technique.  First, you paint a section of the board, then you dip a rag into the water and rub the paint in and over the board.  You’re basically washing the wood with paint.  The end result is a lightly “stained” piece of wood that still lets the beauty of the wood grain shine through.


A chalkboard weekly organizer was also added to the sports center.  I had an old frame and painted the backing with chalkboard paint.  Then, I printed out the header (Davis) and the days of the week.  To see how to get perfect chalkboard lettering every time, click HERE!



We love the garage sports equipment organizer!



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