Spray Paint Thrift Store Dishes

I LOVE white dishes.  I love their simplicity and how they brighten up any space.  You can spray paint thrift store dishes to inexpensively get this look!

Spray Paint Thrift Store Dishes

I am obsessed with this Martha Stewart photo:


Decor dishes can be expensive, but there is an inexpensive and easy DIY solution that includes (glossy) white spray paint and some thrift store (or garage sales) finds. I found my dishes at a local Goodwill.  Look past the color and design and focus on the shape of the pieces.



I used glossy white Rust-Oleum spray paint and sprayed the pieces with three coats of paint.  It is important to do several light coats versus one heavy coat (let each coat dry before applying the next).  It WILL drip if you’re not careful! PaintedDish5


I now have a hutch full of pretty white dishes for next to nothing.


I love using vases for floral arrangements.

If you want to take this DIY to the next level and get a little more creative, you can glue dishes together.  I have made several pedestals stands for decor pieces.  All you need is a plate and a candlestick holder (ice-cream dishes can also work).

Glue the pieces together using a strong ceramic adhesive and allow them to completely dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the glue is dry, spray paint the entire piece (keeping in mind less is more – several thin coats of paint is best).

The result is beautiful!

Here is another before:

And after:

These DIY spray-painted dishes are perfect for home decor accent pieces.  These apples are not real – you do not want to use these spray-painted dishes for food. I use these little pedestal stands all over my home. They even work in the bathroom.

Now, I may not be able to “use” my dishes (again, these are for DECOR purpose only), but they sure do dress up my home! *Although I don’t recommend using spray-painted dishes with food, all paint sold in the US is non-toxic once dry!

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