Painting Furniture with Spray Paint

Spray Paint Tutorial - Painting Furniture Series


Spray paint is so quick and easy.  It offers coverage without brush stroke and easy cleanup.  Also, since spray paint is typically oil-based, it adheres well to most surfaces.  It dries fast and is durable.  It can get expensive and it need warmer temperatures to work correctly.

Step One

Spray paint in a well ventilated area.  I usually spray in the garage with my garage door wide open.  I use a large cloth to protect the floor.  To prep, shake your can for several minutes and wear a paint mask.  Also, a spray paint attachment saves your manicure and your hand from cramping.

Spray Paint Attachment

Step Two

Aim the can away from the item you’re painting, push down on the nozzle and start spraying.  The first spray out of the can can splatter.  Move the paint stream to your item, keeping it about 8 inches away.  Move back and forth in smooth rapid motion painting light coats.  It’s easy to overspray but overspray means drips.

Step Three

Continue painting coats after the previous coat has dried.  I typically spray paint a coat and go work on something else for a while.  Once the coat has dried, you can add another.  Do this until you have complete coverage.

Spray painting furniture

I rarely use a top coat unless there’s a certain sheen I’m trying to achieve.  A top coat can add another layer of durability but generally spray paint holds up well on it’s own.

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