Painting Furniture with Spray Paint

Spray Paint Tutorial - Painting Furniture Series


Spray paint is so quick and easy.  It offers coverage without brush stroke and easy cleanup.  Also, since spray paint is typically oil-based, it adheres well to most surfaces.  It dries fast and is durable.  It can get expensive and it need warmer temperatures to work correctly.

Step One

Spray paint in a well ventilated area.  I usually spray in the garage with my garage door wide open.  I use a large cloth to protect the floor.  To prep, shake your can for several minutes and wear a paint mask.  Also, a spray paint attachment saves your manicure and your hand from cramping.

Spray Paint Attachment

Step Two

Aim the can away from the item you’re painting, push down on the nozzle and start spraying.  The first spray out of the can can splatter.  Move the paint stream to your item, keeping it about 8 inches away.  Move back and forth in smooth rapid motion painting light coats.  It’s easy to overspray but overspray means drips.

Step Three

Continue painting coats after the previous coat has dried.  I typically spray paint a coat and go work on something else for a while.  Once the coat has dried, you can add another.  Do this until you have complete coverage.

Spray painting furniture

I rarely use a top coat unless there’s a certain sheen I’m trying to achieve.  A top coat can add another layer of durability but generally spray paint holds up well on it’s own.

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Painting Furniture Sample Page

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Spray Paint Thrift Store Dishes

I LOVE white dishes.  I love their simplicity and how they brighten up any space.  You can spray paint thrift store dishes to inexpensively get this look!

Spray Paint Thrift Store Dishes

I am obsessed with this Martha Stewart photo:


Decor dishes can be expensive, but there is an inexpensive and easy DIY solution that includes (glossy) white spray paint and some thrift store (or garage sales) finds. I found my dishes at a local Goodwill.  Look past the color and design and focus on the shape of the pieces.



I used glossy white Rust-Oleum spray paint and sprayed the pieces with three coats of paint.  It is important to do several light coats versus one heavy coat (let each coat dry before applying the next).  It WILL drip if you’re not careful! PaintedDish5


I now have a hutch full of pretty white dishes for next to nothing.


I love using vases for floral arrangements.

If you want to take this DIY to the next level and get a little more creative, you can glue dishes together.  I have made several pedestals stands for decor pieces.  All you need is a plate and a candlestick holder (ice-cream dishes can also work).

Glue the pieces together using a strong ceramic adhesive and allow them to completely dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the glue is dry, spray paint the entire piece (keeping in mind less is more – several thin coats of paint is best).

The result is beautiful!

Here is another before:

And after:

These DIY spray-painted dishes are perfect for home decor accent pieces.  These apples are not real – you do not want to use these spray-painted dishes for food. I use these little pedestal stands all over my home. They even work in the bathroom.

Now, I may not be able to “use” my dishes (again, these are for DECOR purpose only), but they sure do dress up my home! *Although I don’t recommend using spray-painted dishes with food, all paint sold in the US is non-toxic once dry!

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Spray Painting Furniture

Spray painting furniture is an easy way to update tired, worn pieces.

When we first moved into our current home, we needed a new dining room set.  Unfortunately, dining room sets are expensive, so I began looking at second-hand shops for used dining room sets.  While visiting my parents, I fell in love with our dining room set in a little antique shop.

Furniture Makeover with Spray Paint

Unfortunately, it was 250 miles away. My amazing parents loaded up a trailer (and their two vehicles – a truck and an SUV) and brought the set to us. The chairs have some amazing detail, but they were very worn and beat up.



Luckily I had one last 60 degrees in late fall before all this crazy weather (snowpocalypse and polar vortex) hit the midwest.  Do not try to spray paint in cold temps.  Just do not try it.  I have done it before, and the results are not pretty. With the warmer temperatures, I was able to spray paint the dining room chairs.  With a little spray paint (and some new fabric), these chairs look refreshed and updated: chair.3


I used Valspar’s Color Radiance spray paint in black matte.  The coverage was great, and I love the finish. I also lightly sanded the corners to add a {slightly} distressed look.  This way my kids can use the chairs without me worrying about nicks and scratches. It just took a few hours of my time to update the chairs.  Spray paint is great for pieces where you’re looking for a flat finish.  The makeover was easy and inexpensive! If you want more details on when to use spray paint on furniture (and tips for applying it), check on this post on painting furniture with spray paint:  

I also love using spray paint to update old dishes!  They make great decor pieces – just don’t use them for food…  

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