Mudroom Stripes


I’ve been wanting to make my mudroom a little more exciting, and I was inspired by a photo I saw in HGTV magazine.  In the photo, the entry was painted in black and white horizontal stripes.  I decided to do the same! Here’s an Instagram photo I recently shared.  (BTW – I’d love for you to follow along with me on Instagram.)

Mudroon Stripes 10

Here’s my (very white) mudroom area before the stripes:

Mudroom Stripes 2

I went with horizontal stripes like in my inspiration photo.  I always use Frog Tape for these types of painting projects.  It really is the best painter’s tape out there and helps with seepage.

Mudroom Stripes 5

Want to know more about painting stripes?  Click HERE.

Mudroom Stripes 4

After all the taping was done, I used black paint and added the stripes:

Mudroom Stripes 6

And here’s a photo of the after!

Mudroom 3

I added artwork and a mirror from Hobby Lobby, a pretty wooden “vent” I pulled from a family barn, and a family canvas photo. The shoe cubby in the middle of the room was an old mail sorter I found at a local antique shop. (UPDATE 12/21/15 – FREE plans are now available for this mail sorter turned shoe cubby. If you want to make your own, visit Remodelaholic.)

Chalkboard Calendar & Shoe Cubby

I was told it was in our town’s original post office, and I have a tutorial for the DIY chalkboard calendar you can see HERE.

Mudroom Stripes 1

I have to admit this was NOT the afternoon project I had envisioned.  After I was done adding the black stripes, I had some touching up to do and (after trial and much error) realized I didn’t have the white color the previous owner had painted the mudroom.  Stupid me tried three different whites that were left behind, and none of them matched the current white.  I had white blotches everywhere, and it was driving me mad (although it doesn’t take much)!  So, I repainted the white stripes AND the entire mudroom.  My afternoon project turned into an afternoon, evening, and late into the night/early morning project.

Mudroom 2

I replaced the white with a color I’ve used throughout my home: Valspar’s Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige.  (Want to see more about this color and other colors in my home?  Click HERE.)  I loved the previous white, but it was already getting pretty dirty and wasn’t practical for a mudroom and three kids.

Mudroom 3

Phew.  That was WAY more work than I thought I signed up for.  BUT, it was worth it!

Go create something!

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Painted Ticking Striped Wall

Today I’m sharing the tutorial for a painted ticking striped wall.


In my boys’ bathroom, I was inspired by the classic “ticking stripes” when I painted the walls.  To paint a ticking striped wall, it’s not hard.  It just requires a little patience and LOTS of (Frog Tape) painter’s tape.

Wall Stripes 1

I always find the center of the wall when I begin my painting projects.  Here I found the center, drew a thin pencil line using a level, and placed painters’ tape over top. Wall Stripes 2

I found that using two sizes of painters taped help make this project much easier.  (You can just double up the regular-sized painter’s tape for the thicker stripe rather than buyer the thicker width.)

Wall Stripes 3

I repeated the same pattern over and over:  thin – thin – thick – thin – thin

Wall Stripes 4

I then removed the two inside thin tape lines.  This helps me have the perfect lines I was hoping for.

Wall Stripes 5

I taped the same pattern over and over: thin – thin – thick – thin -thin

Wall Stripes 6

And pulled away from the middle thin lines.

Wall Stripes 7

After a lot of patience, the taping was done!

Wall Stripes 8

I painted over the entire wall with a lighter gray.

Wall Stripes 9

And when I pulled back all that tape, I had my ticking-inspired striped wall!

Boys Bathroom - AFTER 7 Ticking Stripes Painted

There were a few spots I had to touch up, but not many!  The tape really does do a great job keeping the paint out – you do not want to buy generic painter’s tape for this project.  It’s expensive, but Frog Tape is worth the extra money.  (And no, I’m not being paid to say this!) Want to see more of my boys’ bathroom?  Click on the photo below.


Go create something!

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