Kitchen Table Makeover

I gave my kitchen table a makeover!

Kitchen Table Update

Kitchen Table Update

Table Makeover with paint

We’ve had the Pier 1 Carmichael Dining Table for close to five years.

Pier One Table

Kitchen Table - BEFORE

After daily use from three kids and a move, it was beginning to look bad.  The top is a veneer, and it’s starting to wear through in spots.

Table Top

And there was a film over the entire top, so it never looked clean.

Table Top. It was driving me crazy, so I started dreaming about replacing it. Like most of us, I started dreaming of a farmhouse table.  I began looking at farmhouse tables on Pottery Barn, since many of my dreams begin there…

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Table  

The price point was beyond what I was willing to spend.   I could have looked for less expensive farmhouse options, but I started thinking that the only thing separating me from a pretty farmhouse table were table legs and paint.  Why didn’t I just give my table a makeover? After searching online, I discovered

I contacted them, and they worked with me to find the best solution.

Switching legs on a table

I ended up ordering four 27″ French Farm Dining Legs in Soft Maple.

Switching Table Legs

They had me measure the notches in my current legs, and they notched out my new farmhouse legs to make installation super easy.


To install my new legs with my existing braces, I placed the table upside down on the floor.  Next, we removed the existing legs.  (My old legs were bolted on, and I just removed the bolts.)

Removing Bolts I could have used the old bolts, but we ran into some issues with reusing them.  So, we used new bolts.

Updating a table

Once the old bolts and table legs were removed, I added the new table legs and marked where the new bolts should go.

Mark before drilling

Next, we pre-drilled a hole for the bolts.  (We used a 1/4″ drill bit and our lag bolts were 5/16 – 9×3.)  By drilling a bit smaller in diameter, the threads have something to bit into and hold.

Drilling holes

Once the holes were pre-drilled, the legs were put back on the table and the bolts were drilled in.

Adding Bolts

Changing Table Legs

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I also gave the table a paint makeover with Amy Howard at Home’s One Step Paint in Bauhaus Buff and Atelier.

One Step Paint by Amy Howard

To see more about a step-by-step tutorial for One Step Paint, click HERE. Instead of using wax, I used Amy Howard’s sealer (in matte).  This sealer is great for tables, cabinets, and floors, and it’s so easy to clean. Now my table has an entirely new look thanks to new legs and a coat of paint!

Kitchen Table Makeover

Kitchen Table - One Step Paint

Kitchen Nook Makeover  

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