Outdoor Tassel Garland Tutorial

Today I’m sharing an outdoor tassel garland tutorial that is inexpensive but so cute!

 Outdoor Tassel Garland

Pool Party


With our summer poolside parties,  I’m always looking for fun ways to decorate the pool area.

Outdoor party garland

I’m obsessed with all the tassel garland I’ve seen people using in decor, and I wanted to hang one outside across the pool.  However, I needed the tassels to be weather-proof and plastic would be the best material for them. Last summer I used reusable plastic table cloths to create a bunting (to see more about that project, you can click HERE), but I decided the disposable plastic table cloths would work best for the tassels. I found really inexpensive tablecloths at the dollar store.

Plastic Tablecloth

Outdoor Garland Tassel Tutorial:

First, I took my tablecloth out of the package and rolled it out horizontally.

Once I had it completely unrolled, I folded it in half lengthwise.  This allows you to cut more tassels at once.

Tassel tutorial*

The way these tablecloths are folded could vary, but mine had a side that was all folds, and another side with some folds and ends.  I made the side with all the folds on the top, and I cut apart everything at the bottom.

tutorial for tassel garland*

I then left around a 2-inch border on top, and I cut 1-inch slits all the way down.

tassels from tablecloths

Next, I went through and cut them into smaller groupings – I had about 10 “slits” in each grouping.

Tutoria for making tassels

Now it’s time to make the tassel loop.  You unfold and layout the tassel (remember we kept the fold at the top).  You just fold and fold and fold until you’re left with a pretty thin folded strip.

Outdoor Tassel tutorial

Hang in there – you’re almost done!  You fold the folded strip in half to create the loop.

Tassel Loop

Staple the loop towards the bottom (near the tassels), and you have a tassel!

Staple Tassel

Just repeat the steps for your tassels, and I hung my tassels on a nylon rope.

Outdoor Tassels

black & white tassels

Go create something!

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outdoor_tassel garland