DIY Corner Stage

DIY Corner Stage

My dad built this DIY corner stage for Lena’s room, and she is OBSESSED. Not only does it make the perfect space for putting on performances, but she also loves to shut the curtains and it becomes her own little fort.

I asked my dad to share how he made it, and here’s his tutorial:

Supplies for building a DIY corner stage:

4’ x 4’ x ½” plywood

(2) 2/6” x 8’ pine boards

5½” x 8’ cabinet backing board

1½” & 3” wood screws



How to build a DIY corner stage:

The tutorial is for a 4-foot stage.

First, cut one of the pine boards into two pieces – one 48” and the other 46½”.

Next, screw together boards making a 90-degree angle with each side 48” (The shorter piece will sit on top of the longer piece to make an L).

Once you have your 90-degree angle (or L), screw the plywood piece on top.

We wanted our stage to be round in front, so I drew out a semi-circle side to side. An easy way to do this is to cut a piece of string and tie it around a pencil. Attach the other end of the string to the corner using a small nail, and draw the semi-circle from one side to the other side of the plywood. The length of the string will need to be 48″ NOT including the string you tied around the pencil.

After you have your pattern drawn, cut out the semi-circle using a jigsaw and sand edge.

Then, cut the other pine board in half and cut a 15-degree angle on the end of each board.

Position the boards under plywood dividing stage area into equal thirds

Screw the boards together and then the plywood to boards

Now you will need to cut the board ends even with the plywood semi-circle.

And finally, cut the backing board into lengths that cover each section of the front edge.

Screw the backing board onto the front of the stage.

I used caulk to hide some of the gaps between the stage of the backing board attached to the front. Wood filler worked well to hide the screws.

I then primed and painted the entire piece.

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Theater Room Decor

Lena is ten and has been asking me for over a year to redesign her room. She LOVES musical theatre, and she wanted the new space to have theater room decor.

Lena was one of my more difficult design clients. She is pretty opinionated – can you guess where she gets it?! It took a while to get to the end result, but we did it! And, we both absolutely LOVE it!

To begin, I took her to look at paint samples. She left with probably close to twenty colors, but she narrowed it down to four beautiful colors. The inspiration was old performance theatres that are full of sophistication and color.

Trim & Doors:

Webster Avenue by Magnolia Home (available at Ace Hardware)


Casual Elegance by Clark + Kensington (available at Ace Hardware)


Everything’s Coming Up Roses by Amy Howard Home

Once we had a color palette, we got to work designing the room. You can shop her room at the bottom of this post where I give the sources for the rug, bed, swing, and curtains. The bedding is our go-to zip-up bedding (seriously, the BEST), and you can see their full collection HERE.

I dreamed up this marquee sign and knew it had to be the focal point of the room. We have it hooked up to Alexa, so when we ask her to turn on “showtime”, she turns it on and responds with, “lights, camera, action.” It really is the coolest thing. I have a tutorial for this sign, and I will share it soon! It’s made from using a board, paint, and cafe lights.

Lena dreamed of having a stage in the room, so my dad helped me out with this corner circular stage. I’ll also have the tutorial for it very soon, and I added a rounded shower curtain rod with some curtains to complete the look.

The updated design is perfect for my little tween, and now we’ll see if she holds her end of the new room design bargain – actually keeping it clean!

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