Inexpensive Window Treatment Ideas

Today I’m sharing some inexpensive window treatment ideas.

Tips and Tricks for Inexpensive Window Treatments

Here in Indiana, we have had a crazy hot end to summer.  Most days, I love opening my window treatments to let the sunshine in, but lately, I have been using my shades and window treatment to help conserve my air conditioner.  

Window treatments are used throughout our home.  Not do curtains help conserve the air conditioner, but they look pretty.  On the back (East) side of our home, we only have curtains which can be closed if necessary.  However, since this side of the home sees the morning sun there isn’t a privacy issue (there is a field behind our home), we rarely need to use these window treatments.

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The front of our home faces the west and sees the hot afternoon/evening sun.  We have blinds AND curtain panels on these windows, and lately, we have been closing both to keep our home cooler.

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Window treatments can get expensive, but here are a few DIY tips for inexpensive window treatment ideas:

Often, the longer odd-sized curtain panels can be found on clearance.  Snatch them up because there are three simple ways to adjust them so they fit your window.

1. Adjust the length by hemming them.  If sewing is not your thing, recruit someone who can help.

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2. Use drapery ring hooks. Fold over curtain panels that are too long on drapery ring hooks to hold the fabric in place.  This method also helps extend the length if your curtain panel is just a tad too short.

Inexpensive Window Treatment Ideas (1 of 1)

3. Use hem tape.  The iron-on version works great for lighter-weight fabrics.

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