Playroom Decor Ideas

Playroom Decor

Isn’t decorating a playroom fun?  It is a chance to bring out your inner child and create a magical place.

Playroom Decor Ideas

Our playroom is constantly evolving.  As the kids grow, I continue to update the space to make it interesting and fun.  One of the ways I do this is through wall treatments and artwork.  On one side of our playroom is a wallpapered wall which is a great way to showcase photos and the kid’s art. On the other side of the room (and where the roofline dips) is a chalkboard wall.  In the beginning, the kids loved the chalkboard wall and covered it with cute drawings. Over time they have lost interest, and the large black wall is usually left blank.  However, I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the chalkboard wall.

Playroom Decor

If you walk through my home, my love for chalkboards is pretty obvious.  I thought it would be fun to create a whimsical wall with artwork and photos. canvas I ordered this beautiful canvas (Pastel Ferris Wheel) from and blew up some photos I had of the kids riding carnival rides. allows you to select your photo or art and decide how you want it printed – canvas, paper, aluminum, argyle, and birch wood. Pastel Ferris Wheel

Besides all their display options, has a crazy amount of images from Getty Images, the world’s leading image company. As I was searching through the huge library of images, I found myself drawn to the old ballet photos. Dancers (ballerinas) at George Balanchin by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Dancers at George Balanchin

How fun is this Ballet Class photo by Malcolm Dunbar? Ballet Class However, my plan was to pair the photo with images of my kids.  Although I have cute photos of my daughter in tutus, the boys would have been left out. And then I fell in love with all the colors like in this photo.  And who doesn’t love the beach?!  And I have tons of beach photos of my kids. People relaxing at the beach, aerial view by Matthias Clamer. People Relaxing at the Beach

But then, it struck me.  The only other place that could possibly be more fun than the beach (in the kids’ minds) is the carnival, so I started searching for Ferris wheels.  A Ferris wheel in a playroom is just fun. I love the beautiful colors in this Quarter ferris wheel photo by bbq. Ferris Wheel

But ultimately fell in love with the Pastel Ferris Wheel.

Toy Room Art Decor Ideas

Fun Playroom Decor Ideas

Go check out the endless image collections on to brighten up your space!

Go create something!

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