LEVITON Smart Lighting

There is a fun new way to wake up your kids in the morning, and it involves just the touch of a button thanks to LEVITON Smart Lighting.

A few years ago, I participated in Leviton’s Renu Challenge – a competition between several bloggers.  We were asked to design a space using Leviton’s colorful light switches and outlets. After using their switches and outlets in the boys’ bathroom makeover (see all the details HERE), I ordered more for our master bathroom remodel. When Leviton recently reached out to see if I was interested in partnering and testing out their new Decora Smart line with wi-fi technology, I was excited since I was already a fan of their products.

The Decora Smart light switches are simple and classy and come in either white or light almond.  You can turn on the lights using the switch or by using the “My Leviton” app.

I have the app on my phone (it is right above my mail app in the photo above), and it works so well!

I replaced all our bedroom light switches with the Decora Smart switches.  Our man cave (which is actually our family hang-out space) is also a smart light switch.

Everyone in our family sleeps with fans, and all of our fans are now hooked up to the plug-in outlets which also have the wi-fi technology the switches have.

Leviton’s plug-in outlets are amazing.  They are easy to install (just plug them in), and almost anything can be turned on or off with just the touch of a button on the app.  If we drank coffee, I would have my coffee maker plugged into the smart outlet.  The plug-in outlets can be programmed to turn on (or off) at the same time every day!

This is where my life just got a little easier.  Although we are on our summer schedule right now (which means the kids can sleep in longer), I will be ready for the early school mornings thanks to Leviton.  I will have a school schedule on my app which will turn off their fans and turn on their lights at the same time every morning!

My dad replaced all my old switches with the new Leviton switches.

Once the switches (and plug-ins) are installed, go to the app.

The app walks you through programming, and it is really easy!

Now I can wake up my kids without even running upstairs.  I set the schedule on the app to turn on their lights (and turn off their fans) every morning.

The lights can be turned off with a touch of a button for family movie night. I made a little video to show just how easy the My Leviton app is to turn on and off the lights.  

Watch it here: 


There are so many options for the Decora Smart wi-fi light switches and plug-ins.  How would you use them in your home?

Go create something!

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