Wood Look Paint Technique

I have used this Wood Look Paint Technique so many times on various items in our home because it not only looks great, but it is really easy!

I originally discovered this faux wood technique from my friend Lauren of Bless’er House.

We have gray and white cabinets in our kitchen, and our hood is plaster and original to the house. I love the shape of the hood, but I wanted it a wooden hood. Paint was the solution.

Wood Look Paint Technique

Want to see more of our kitchen? It was a DIY project, and you can see the entire adventure HERE!

Here is what the hood looked like before I painted it to look like wood:

And here is an even earlier photo of the hood before I painted it gray (home design is a journey):

I also used the wood look technique on our kitchen table. Here is what it looks like now:

And here is what it did look like (it was an inexpensive veneer table).

Isn’t it amazing how much my style has changed in the past 6 years?

Here is one more piece I painted to look like wood – our bedroom dresser:

And here is the before (another veneer piece):

Painting a piece to look like wood only requires 3 steps:

1. Paint the piece with a white chalk paint.

2. *Dry brush spot with a dark gray chalk paint.

*Not sure what it means to dry brush? Go HERE for the full tutorial!

3. Wax the entire piece using a *dark wax.

*Use any brand of chalk-type paint you like, but I have found that the Annie Sloan wax has the best consistency for this project – and is worth the extra money!

wood look paint technique

To see a more detailed tutorial of the wood look dresser painting tutorial go HERE.

Here is an example of how quickly the dark wax transforms the piece. In this image, I have only added the dark wax to half of the hood:

Isn’t that amazing?! You can see the full kitchen hood wood painting tutorial HERE.

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