DIY Chalkboard Calendar


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Baseball season for my boys is just around the corner, and in preparation I decided needed to create a DIY chalkboard calendar.

Chalkboard Calendar

For my project, I used an old mirror I found last summer at a flea market.  However, you could also paint over the glass of an old frame or paint a chalkboard directly to a wall.

First, I painted chalkboard paint on my mirror and waited 24 hours after the final coat dried. (I did two coats for this project.)

Next, I printed out my lettering for the mirror.  You can get the free printables here:

Then, I used my technique I shared in a previous post to get my perfect lettering.  If you don’t know this technique, I promise it’s fairly simple and you can check out my tutorial HERE.

Making the calendar lines was the hardest part.  I went with 7 boxes across for the days of the week and 5 boxes down.  Unfortunately I didn’t think about the fact that a few months start on Saturday and actually require 6 boxes down (Like this month, March 2014).  Anyway, I’ll just be a day late (or early) switching the months, and this will solve my problem.

Free printable for chalkboard calendar

I used a (semi permanent) chalk pen on the quote, days of the week and grid lines (I did 4 inch squares).  This way, when I erase the board every month, only the events erase.

Chalkpaint Pen

*I found these chalk pens on Amazon.  They are great for chalkboards you want to keep more “permanent”.

Here’s an affiliate link for the chalk pens on Amazon:


How to make a chalkboard calendar 

Get organized with this (monthly view) calendar.  I also use a weekly view calendar in my kitchen.  To see this calendar (and tutorial for a chalkboard fridge) click HERE.

Chalkboard Calendar Tutorial

Chalkboard Calendar & Shoe Cubby

 The shoe cubby was a find at a local antique shop.  I was told it was once in my town’s original post office.  True story or not, it’s one of my favorite finds to date.

(UPDATE 12/21/15 – FREE plans are now available for this mail sorter turned shoe cubby. If you want to make your own, visit Remodelaholic.)

Also, the mirror I used is a little larger than 2 feet by 3 feet.  I wouldn’t go much smaller because I think you won’t have room to write in the squares.

Want to see more on my mudroom area?  Click HERE!


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*Special thanks to Melody Carpenter of Carpenter Photo for the beautiful photos of the chalkboard calendar seen at the beginning and end of this post.