2021 Home Decor Trends

The pandemic has shaped many of the 2021 home decor trends. The crazy amount of time and the number of activities we have all engaged in at home has changed what we want in our homes. For example, there will be a gravitation towards the maximalist look since it’s more functional. Ultra-sleek modern interiors have been a trend, but that look is not realistic with the amount of time we spend on our home. Throughout 2020, families have had to learn how to co-exist under the same roof 24/7. With adults working from home and children learning from home, we accumulate too many things. Besides living with more things, the appeal of open floor plans is beginning to diminish as we find we all need more private, designated areas in our home to complete tasks.

2021 Home Decor Trends:

Saturated Hues

Saturated hues bring a richness and warmth to any space. As for colors, expect shades to warm up in 2021 as people are craving more warmth, comfort, and coziness with everything we’ve been through. On the opposite end of the color spectrum, soft shades of blue have a calming effect that people want, and blues will continue to make an appearance in decor as a result.

Granny Chic and Pattern on Pattern

There seems to be modern revival of what you would typically find in your grandparents’ homes mixed with modern pieces.. Because of the amount of time spent in our homes, 2020 saw a rise in nostalgia in interior design as we look for ways to make our homes cozier and more comforting and Granny Chic is now a thing.

Continuing with the Granny Chic design trend, textiles and draperies are making their way back into spaces. Pattern on pattern is a fun way to tell a unique story in your home while lifting our moods and spirits.



Wallpaper has been slowly making its way back into homes, and the appeal for it will continue to rise – especially now that there are removable options.

Green Cabinets

White and gray cabinets have reigned in the kitchen for some time, but green cabinets will be more and more common. Since green is a combination of blue and yellow, it works with both cooler and warmer decor.



Not only are they beautiful, bringing vibrancy and color to our homes, but houseplants also freshen the air, filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen. We are all spending more time at home, so we can care for houseplants.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Wicker and rattan and warmth to any space as their natural materials welcome the outdoors in and are the perfect accent for houseplants. Also, wicker and rattan have a luxurious yet worn-in look that adds patina to your space.


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