Installing Cement Board

We are on week two of the bathroom remodel, and this week consisted of installing the cement board in preparation for the new tile floor. Last week, we cut all the cement boards for the floor.


Cutting the cement board is actually pretty easy (but messy).  We used utility knife to cut the board.  It is important to “dry fit” the boards to make sure all the boards fit perfectly.  We actually cut some of the boards incorrectly (see more in this video), but luckily we had purchased one extra sheet of cement board, so it was a easy fix.

Watch the full process of installing cement board here:


Once all the boards were cut, use thin set mortar to adhere the cement boards to the floor.  This was by far the hardest part of the job.  It required way more mortar than I expected, and I had to work quicker than I liked.  However, I managed to get all the cement boards mortared to the floor.

Next, use cement board screws and screw in the cement board.  I read various advice on how far to space the screws, but I went about every 8-12 inches with my screws.


Add mesh tape to the seams.  This tape is easy to install and has an adhesive on one side.

Once the mesh tape is down, mortar the seams.

After the seams are done, let everything sit and dry according to manufacturer instructions.  Then, it is time for tile!

For my first time adding cement board, I did alright.  We didn’t layout the boards as we should have, and it would have been nice to have a partner to adhere the cement boards to the floor.  Also, my daughter was home sick most of the week, so I was juggling caring for her and working on the bathroom.  However, it is done now – on to week three!

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