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Our master bathroom is DONE, and I’m excited to share our bathroom remodel reveal. This renovation was supposed to happen three years ago when we first purchased our home.  There was a major leak under the shower, and we meant to have it fixed right away… bathroom-remodel-before-sincerely-sara-d-1-2 …but life (roof repairs, pool heater, water heat, air conditioner, furnace, and lots of other 20-year-old home problems) kept happening. Over the past three years, I have shared several design board ideas for this bathroom remodel as I dreamed and schemed.  You can see the details of the design board that inspired this remodel here. bathroom-remodel-before-sincerely-sara-d-1-4 This past fall several things fell into place, and we were able to go for it.  We hired a contractor and the day after Thanksgiving we demolished the bathroom (you can read more about the demo process here). bathroom-remodel-before-sincerely-sara-d-1-5 I share the bigger bathroom sources in separate posts (go here to learn all the details about the tile and here for all the faucet details).  The majority of the supplies were bought online and shipped straight to my front door (which was so convenient). bathroom-remodel-before-sincerely-sara-d-1-6 Since this bathroom was sitting on such a large problem, I knew this was far beyond my scope of DIY.  Honestly, it was nice to hand it over to an expert. bathroom-remodel-before-sincerely-sara-d-1-7 I still did a lot of the grunt work and painted all the walls, ceilings, and trim. bathroom-remodel-before-sincerely-sara-d-1 The freestanding tub is from Signature Hardware.  I looked everywhere for the perfect shape, and I found it with this tub. The vanities are from Bellacor.  I was nervous about buying the vanities online, but they are absolutely perfect.  The color is gorgeous, and they are quality pieces.  My only complaint is that one arrived with a discolored spot, but I should be receiving paint (from the manufacturer) to fix the problem sometime soon. One of the hardest pieces for me to find was the perfect light fixture.  I wanted this light fixture from Bellacor. The sconces are from Home Depot.  I used the Fontane Brushed Nickel Wall Fixture and replaced the shade that came with it with the Clear Glass Open Teardrop Shade. The outlets and light switches are RENU by Leviton. The majority of the decor and accessories are from HomeGoods. I can not tell you all how thrilled we are to have a bathroom that functions and looks beautiful.  I may never leave my tub (and you can find all the details of the tub filler here)… We are so thankful to have a beautiful and functioning bathroom! Want to see all the details on the floor and shower tile?  Go here to find the sources! Go create something!
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66 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel

  1. So gorgeous! Saving this for sure, hopefully someday we’ll be able to remodel our dated bathroom, I love everything you picked! XO, Amy

  2. Sara, this bathroom remodel is basically my dream bathroom come to life. Can’t wait to see your source list- the floors even go with everything perfectly! I followed your link to the vanity but it looks like the blue isn’t offered any longer. So sad

  3. Oops! I forgot to ask- what are the dimensions of your bathroom? I’m building a master suite and am trying to figure out if your layout would work for us.

  4. I love the color on the vanities! And the round mirrors and curvy light fixtures to contrast with all the straight lines elsewhere is a great balance. Would love to see the insides of the vanities and your thoughts on the quality of the hardware, fixtures, and marble that came with. That’s always my concern with ordering an “in a box” kind of vanity. Looks fab!

    – Amanda @

    1. Hi Amanda! I just had someone else recently ask me to show the insides of the vanities. I will definitely try to do that sometime soon. The fixtures did not come with the vanities – they are from Moen. However, the marble (although thin) is gorgeous! I am not in love with the hardware (a little more modern than I would normally go with), but they are quality pieces!

      I checked out your blog, and I see you also just went with wood tile. I am loving mine so far! I’m excited to see all your projects (and yes, it is trial & error)!

  5. Hi, Sara! I’m local to you…Westfield, actually. Would you mind sharing your contractor source? (Privately is fine)I had a tile installer I used for my last 3 homes but he’s since retired and it is extremely hard to find someone willing to do quality work. Your bathroom looks amazing so I wanted to reach out to you & ask.

  6. Stunning! Love everything about your remodel! Especially the tub and floor tile!! Could you tell me what color paint you chose for the walls. You may have mentioned but I couldn’t find the link.

  7. Gorgeous bathroom Sara! Love, love the wood tile! Thank you for sharing, we are remodeling our master bathroom soon.

    1. I LOVE this tub too! I was nervous since we bought online, but it is perfect and SO comfortable. I didn’t get the insulation, but it holds heat well. I didn’t get the jets, but probably would love them (we had to cut costs somewhere). My ONLY complaint is the drain. It’s right in the middle of the tub so it’s easy to unplug. However, it really isn’t a deal breaker. Good luck!

    1. Hi Katie, it’s a Toto toilet. My contractor recommended the brand. It was more than what I wanted to pay for a toilet, but he claims it will last forever. I think it was a Drake, but I can’t remember the exact style name. Good luck toilet shopping! 🙂

  8. Hi Sara, this is beautiful! Is this the 59″ or the 67″ Lindsey tub? Are you happy with it? Great choices!

    1. I LOVE this tub so much that I take a bath in it daily! It’s comfy and my only complaint is the center drain. It’s easily to accidentally open, but it’s not a deal breaker. I went with the 67″ tub – I wanted comfort!

  9. Love love love! I can not thank you enough for sharing your story. We are in the process of recreating a master bedroom/bathroom & guest room. Your remodel is beautiful! I’m praying we can find some great pieces & was wondering about signature hardware, I recently stumbled upon their website… love the tub you chose, can I ask…. what’s the maker/style name/number?

  10. We are in the planning stage for our bathroom remodel and I would like an air tub. I have a max of 66″ width and would like smaller. I did find some at Signature but wondered what they are like. Does yours have air massage? Is it comfortable? Were you pleased with it? Thanks

  11. Found your remodel on pinterest! Stunning! I’ve been looking for the perfect light above my free standing tub and found just what I was looking for when I saw your remodel. What size light did you get? I see there are two-12 inches wide or the larger, 18 inches wide. Thanks so much!

  12. (Sorry if this is a repeat question)
    Love your remodel to death!!!! What taste and style! Is your chandelier the 12 inch or the 18 inch? Been looking for a long time and saw your pinterest phone and knew I had finally found it! Many thanks!

  13. Sara … love the look of your new bathroom. We, too are working on plans for ours. I am having difficulty with the size of tub. How do you decide how much space to leave between the top of the tub (which is the biggest area 66″) and the surrounding walls. Is there any rule of thumb…. 5 to 7″maybe? Also I am doing the wainscoting around the 3 sides of the tub and i want some of that to be seen and not totally hidden by the tub.. Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, I wanted the biggest tub possible, and we really only had around 6 inches extra. The wainscoting made that space even smaller. It has worked great – except it is hard to clean around the tub with it in such a tight space. I hope this helps!

  14. Sara,
    I love your wood look tile floor. I actually ordered samples online to see it in person. I’m wondering if it’s difficult to clean or if dirt gets trapped in the ridges since the tiles have so much texture. I love the color of it but want something easy to clean.

  15. You did not talk about then main things , like how you found the space. The arrangement you chose. Need more basic info. Not just decor.

    1. For mosaic tile (like this), I typically start in the middle. However, I also pay attention to areas where I don’t want to make a hundred little cuts. For me, that was along the bathtub, so I made sure the pattern lined up against the tub.

  16. Hey Sara, my wife and I are using your bathroom as inspiration. Absolutely amazing how it turned out! For the lower part of the wall is it just painted white with trim to frame it in like your other post describes? Or is there some other board backing against the drywall and then you added the framing?
    Mike and Meagan

  17. I love the look you gave your bathroom. It all looks soooooo good. Cabinets, floor, sink, and the shower area with glass and everything looks really nice! White and grey theme looks awesome! I’m kind of motivated on starting to work on my bathroom. Thank you for sharing Sarah!