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Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

Today I’m sharing how to make this chalkboard Christmas countdown.

DIY Chalkboard Christmas Countdown


I’m hosting the monthly craft night at our local library next week, and I’m teaching the class how to make this DIY Christmas countdown chalkboard.  Since most of you aren’t local, I wanted to share this DIY.  It’s easy, inexpensive, and countdowns are just plain fun.  (And don’t worry.  There are actually only 41 days until Christmas (?!). My countdown is wrong.)

Wood Plaque

I started with a plaque I found at Hobby Lobby.  Mine was around $3 – before any sale or coupon.

Stain Wood Plaque

I added a dark stain to the plaque – not worrying about the center.  You’ll be painting most of the plaque with chalkboard paint.

Stain Wood Plaques

I used a sponge roller for the chalkboard paint.  You can use a brush, but I have found the roller makes the paint go on smoother.  And smoother paint = smoother chalkboard surface. (It’s always a good idea to let the chalkboard paint sit for 24 hours before you try writing on it.)

Chalkboard Paint

If you need chalkboard paint, you can find it on Amazon:

Next, I printed out the lettering and snowflake for the plaque.  To print out your own, just click on the below link: Christmas Countdown It’s formatted on a regular 8.5 x 11 letter-sized paper.  All you need to do is download and print! Earlier this year I shared how to transfer lettering to a chalkboard.  If haven’t seen this post and want to know how click HERE or on the photo below.


Once you’ve added the lettering, the countdown can begin!

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

Go create something!

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7 thoughts on “Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

  1. Perfection! I have been searching for the perfect way to countdown to Christmas, and have finally made a chalkboard, but I could not for the life of me find a good way to have adorable chalkboard lettering. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and printable!