Chalkboard Ideas and Tips

Chalkboard Ideas and Tips

Chalkboard Ideas and Tips  

I’m (slightly) obsessed with chalkboards, and today I’m sharing a roundup of some of my own ideas and tips for chalkboards as well as some amazing ones from others.


I created a monthly chalkboard calendar from an old mirror. Check out my chalkboard calendar post for a full tutorial and (free!) downloads.


I love a good chalkboard – especially an extra-large one!  Check out this chalkboard Angela at Unexpected Elegance made from a door.


I added chalkboard paint to our fridge, and now we have a weekly calendar as well as a small art/reminder gallery.  Check out the post for a tutorial and downloads.


While we’re in the kitchen, check out this other great (kitchen) chalkboard idea from Anderson and Grant.


This is one of my favorite chalkboards in our home.  It hangs in our dining room and was made from an old mirror.  This post includes a detailed tutorial on getting perfect chalkboard lettering –  every time!   four-types-of-chalk-wm

Who knew there were so many chalk options?  Check out this great post from Emily at Jones Design Company.


Chalkboards are also great in the garage!  Need a way to organize your kids’ weekly sports schedule?  Check out how-to HERE.


And check out these amazing (FREE!) templates from Kristen at Ella Claire.   There are so many great chalkboard ideas and tips out there!

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5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Ideas and Tips

  1. Were do you get the fonts to do your beautiful chalkboard art? Do you have a tutorial on how to down load the fonts to make them your own?

    1. Hi May! I search for free fonts and download them to my computer. I use a mac, so I can just add them to font book. I’m not sure how to add fonts to a pc…I’m guessing there’s a tutorial out there for it! Good luck!

  2. I added fonts to my PC and they are only printing 2 of the 5 letters I want?? I dont understand why? Can you help?