Create a Patio Oasis

Create a Patio Oasis

I love the back of our home, but it is monochromatic and needed a little life.  By adding some beautiful foliage and fun to my patio with Southern Living Plants, I was able to create a patio oasis where I can relax (and hide from my kids). Southern Living Plants has a huge selection of beautiful and unique plants.  Since I live in a colder climate, I decided to create a container garden.  This way, I can move the plants inside during any unseasonably cold weather.  I brought the south to me, and when I’m sitting in my little oasis, I sometimes believe I’m an adopted southerner. Because the plants are so colorful, I used a black and white color scheme to emphasize their brilliance: a simple outdoor rug with a black border, white rockers, a white table, black containers, and black and white outdoor pillows.  Simple, elegant, and fun! Southern Living Plants Container Garden

In the larger pots, I surrounded the plants with Evercolor Everillow Carex.   It’s such a great filler and provides bright, colorful foliage.  This plant prefers full sun to part shade.

Evercolor Everillo Carex

Sunshine Linustrum**

In one of the larger pots, I planted a Sunshine Ligustrum.  It’s an evergreen that likes full sun.

Sunshine Linustrum

Sunshine Linustrum*

In the other large pot, I planted a really fun tropical-looking plant called a Poquito Banana.  This plant can grow to three feet high and loves full to part sun.

Poquito Banana


In the smaller pot on the ground, I grouped a Lemon Lime Nandina with the Puckered Up Colocasia. Both plants like full sun to part shade.  The Lemon Lime Nandina is an evergreen, and the Puckered Up Colocasia has chocolate-brown leaves.

Lemon Lime Nandina

Puckered Up Colocasia


And last but definitely not least, I planted a Solar Ray Sunbow Azalea.  This plant will have a brilliant yellow/orange colored flower and likes full sun to part shade.

Solar Ray Azalea

Solar Ray

I am so excited about my new patio landscaping.  I can sit on my rocking chairs, relax, and enjoy the beautiful bright plants. If you’re dreaming of the day you’ll create a patio oasis at your own home, I hope you found this post helpful.

SL Plants

Southern Living Plants*

Go create something!

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  1. wow its so peaceful looking and I can see myself on Saturday mornings with cup of coffee and a book. tuning the world out as I rock my work week away.