DIY Felt Flower Garland

DIY Felt Flower Garland

I recently saw a beautiful flower garland on one of those daily deal home decor sites.  It was $50 for a 6 ft strand. For that price, I decided I’d attempt to make a felt flower garland myself.  And you know what, a strand (double the length!) cost me under $10!

DIY Felt Flower garland

Here’s what you need for this DIY Felt Flower Garland:

  • Glue Gun (and glue sticks)
  • 2 Sheets of Foam paper (you can also use cardstock/cardboard or poster board, but I like foam paper because it doesn’t rip easily.)
  • 4 Sheets of felt
  • 12 Feet of Ribbon


I found all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  As you can see in the picture, I stocked up on the felt since I wasn’t sure how many sheets I needed.  Obviously, I way overbought.  Luckily the sheets were only 25 cents for the plain and 50 cents for the patterned.


STEP 1: Draw circles on your foam sheets.  (I used the Lego cup that recently came in Happy Meals from McDonalds.)


STEP 2: Cut out the circles.  (Obviously, they don’t need to be perfect.)


STEP 3: Hole punch the circles on opposite ends


STEP 4: String your ribbon through the circles. (I tied my two 6 ft strands of ribbon together to make one large strand.)


STEP 5: Cut the felt sheets lengthwise into strips.  (Mine were around 1 inch wide.)


STEP 6: Put some glue in the center of the circle. (Don’t look at my terrible manicure.)


STEP 7: Start to roll a strip of felt and place it on the hot glue.


STEP 8: Once you have the center securely in place, keep gluing around the center and continue wrapping the felt strip around.


STEP 9: Add a second strip of felt and continue wrapping it around covering the foam circle as much as possible.


STEP 10: Enjoy your felt flower and repeat steps to make more! (I alternated my colors, and I double-sided them as I found that the flowers flipped around when hung.) This project is really easy but somewhat time-consuming.  I made most of it while watching Frozen with my kids, but I was working as fast as I could.  However, I think it was worth the time and $8.50 ($1.50 for the felt sheets, $1 for the foam sheets, and $6 for the ribbon) for this DIY flower felt garland! FeltFlowerGardland13  



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