DIY Vintage Scoreboard

DIY Vintage Scoreboard

DIY Vintage Scoreboard

I recently made a “vintage” scoreboard for a friend’s nursery.

Vintage Scoreboard 5

I started with a plain board.

Vintage Scoreboard 7

I sanded it down.

Vintage Scoreboard 6

And I painted it.

Vintage Scoreboard 8

Once the paint dried, I used painter’s tape to make lines/borders.

Vintage Scoreboard 9

I painted the lines white.

Vintage Scoreboard 10

I printed out the lettering for the board and used carbon paper (flash from the past!) to transfer the lettering.

Vintage Scoreboard 11

Once I had my letters outlined, I painted them white.

Vintage Scoreboard 12

I repeated the lettering process until I had all my words done.

Vintage Scoreboard 13

And then I added chalkboard paint so the score could be changed (as well as ball, strikes & outs).

Vintage Scoreboard 14

Once everything was painted, I went through and sanded the edges and sections of the surface to give it the vintage, worn look we were going for.

Vintage Scoreboard 15

And here are *photos of the scoreboard in Wyatt’s (really cute sports-themed) nursery: *The nursery photos are all taken by my friend Lexi of Alexis Smith Photography.

Vintage Scoreboard 5

 Vintage Scoreboard 3

Vintage Scoreboard 2

Vintage Scoreboard 1

Thanks so much to my friend Lexi for sharing her photos and for her creative mind.  I love the DIY vintage scoreboard, and I hope to make one for my boys’ room soon! Go create something!

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