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DIY Wooden Wreath Sign

After hanging my Christmas wreath over my mantel, I felt like it was missing something.  My solution was this DIY wooden wreath sign!

DIY Wooden Wreath Sign For the sign, inexpensive plywood works well.  I found a piece that was 4′ x 4′ so I just needed to cut off a foot since I wanted my sign to be 3′ x 3′.


Home Depot offers a free cutting service which made it so much easier (especially since the last time I used the table saw a piece went flying and hit my windshield).


Once I had my plywood cut to size, I printed about my artwork.  It could be printed at a printshop on a large 3’x3′ paper (probably the easiest choice), but I tiled the artwork and printed it at home.


You can download the PDF file for the wreath here –> wreath-art-3×3

I painted my boards a slightly off-white color and gave them two coats of paint.

diy-large-wooden-christmas-sign The printout was cut and taped together.

free-christmas-printable The type was transferred using good, old-fashioned carbon paper.


It really was less time-consuming than you would expect.


After all the words had been transferred using carbon paper, I painted the lettering with a small brush and black paint.


Once my lettering was complete, I used the chop saw to cut down furring strips for the frame.


I painted them black (with spray paint) and attached them to the frame with an air gun.


A small hook was added to hold the wreath.


Once the hook is in place, hang the wreath and it is ready to be displayed!



Go create something!

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  DIY Christmas Wood Wreath Sign

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10 thoughts on “DIY Wooden Wreath Sign

  1. This is a beautiful project, thank you for sharing! Where did you get your wreath? I’m guessing the lights on the wreath are battery operated? I’m going to be hungry for one this weekend!

  2. SO pretty :)))))) did you print your words on regular printer paper and then use carbon paper? I haven’t used this technique before…. newbie!