Easy DIY Wood Frame

This Easy DIY wooden frame is really easy (and really inexpensive) to create.

Easy DIY Wood Frame

I created it because I wanted to create a wifi password sign for my guests (click here for the FREE editable printable).

wifi password printable

A few months ago, I made this large wooden sign (to see the full tutorial click HERE), and I love the look of the frame on the sign.

Latitude Longitude Coordinate Sign

I had scraps left over from the project, so I decided to recreate the wood frame look on a smaller scale. For this wooden frame you’ll need:

  • Furring Strip
  • A small sheet of plywood
  • Wood Stain
  • Nail gun
  • Chop Saw
  • Spray adhesive
  • Artwork

Mounting picture in DIY Frame

I began by adding my artwork to the plywood.  I tried Mod Podge, but I found that it left too many bubbles.  Spray adhesive worked much better.

Spray Adhesive

Using a chop saw, I cut the furring strip into pieces for the frame(s).  I cut the top and bottom pieces so they overlapped the side pieces.  (I cut enough pieces for two separate frames.)

DIY Frame for under one dollar

I stained the pieces.

Staining DIY frame

Next, I put the frames together (attaching the cut wooden strips to the artwork mounted on plywood) using my nail gun.

DIY rustic frame

It was super easy and inexpensive.

wifi password printable

You can make the frame as large (or small) as you want!

Wifi printable for guests

How are you going to use your easy DIY wooden frame?

Go create something!

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EASY DIY Wooden Frame

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23 thoughts on “Easy DIY Wood Frame

    1. Oh man – It’s pretty thin. I had to be pretty careful about nailing into it, and I missed several times. I just made sure I tilted towards the back so if I missed it didn’t come through the front of the sign. A thicker board would make nailing the frame around it MUCH easier!

  1. Did you do anything to prepare the plywood? Wondering if I’d have to sand it a little? Thanks! Can’t wait to try this.

  2. Can you tell if your wall behind Wifi sign is wallpaper or painted? I really like it and have been looking for ideas on how to achieve this look. Thanks!

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing! Can you tell me how you applied that artwork to the plywood? It looks like a piece of paper versus a stencil, so I’m kinda confused. Thanks!

  4. Have you shared the editable version of your beautiful wifi sign? I have been browsing your web page, but can’t find it.

    Looking forward to using it! Love the design!!

  5. Love it! What kind of paper is it? Did you spray the board and then attach the print out to it? Thank you!!!!

  6. Hi! I’m actually looking into buying a nail gun! I was wondering if you had any suggestions? What model are you using in this project and what gauge nails did you use here? And is this typical for your projects? What are your pro’s and con’s? Would you go with a different brand/gauge? Thank you!

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