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I’m so excited it’s spring and celebrating with a Spring Fling Favorite Things Giveaway!  I’ve joined 13 other DIY and home decor bloggers, and each of us is sharing our favorite things and having a giveaway. That means 14 winners total! Not only is it a fun prospect to WIN, but they make great gift-giving ideas as well. Here are my favorite things, and scroll to the bottom of this post to enter MY giveaway.

To see each giveaway up closer, and to enter to win, you must HOP to each site to fill out the entry forms. It’s possible you could win more than once. To enter:

  1. Check out the 14 gift collage below.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter to win MY gift giveaway.
  3. HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts.
  4. Look around and enjoy the sites of the other home bloggers–they will not disappoint!
  5. *Note- if you receive an error message when you HOP, click to the blog’s home page, then it should be the top post (sometimes there are glitches on day 1).

The collage of giveaways…

***Make sure you HOP to each site, and enter for each gift on those pages.*** The numbered images above, correspond with the numbers/blogs below   1. Honeybear Lane //2. Refresh Restyle // 3. Design Dazzle //4. Pretty Providence // 5. Sincerely Sara D. //6. Simply Designing // 7. The Tale of an Ugly House // 8. Maybe I Will // 9. All Things Thrifty //10. Blooming Homestead //11. Design, Dining, and Diapers // 12. Capturing Joy // 13. Thrifty and Chic // 14. Lolly Jane  

My favorite things giveaway include DIY and paint:

  • Notebook to organize all your DIY ideas: $8 Value
  • Chip Brush (great for chalk-type paint): $5 Value
  • Trim Brush (for painting walls): $5 Value
  • FrogTape (great for all your paint projects): $7.50 Value
  • DAP Patch-n-Paint (eliminate those holes before you paint): – $4 Value
  • Rust Oleum Spray Grip (makes spray painting so easy) – $6.50 Value
  • Home Depot Gift Card (buy yourself some new paint) – $25 Value
  • Plastic Drop Cloth (protect from overspray or drips) – $2 Value
  • Metal Toolbox (the cutest toolbox around) – $30 Value

You can easily store all the DIY tools in the pretty toolbox and stay organized and cute.

If you’re new to my blog, I love to paint. I recently gave our piano a painted makeover.

The drop cloth, FrogTape, and spray paint handle would come in handy for a project like my piano.

I also painted a headboard I found at a flea market – fabric and all!

The chip brush and drop cloth would be great for the headboard project.

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150 thoughts on “Favorite Things Giveaway

  1. I love my throw blanket made out of minky fabric. I also can’t can’t​ live without my Burt’s Bee lip balm.

  2. I am doing a lot of home renovations at this point so this giveaway is full of my favorite things at the moment!

  3. I live by that short angle brush for painting edges! You all have chosen some great products. Currently, I am loving my Swell water bottle and my stamped Three Sisters necklace!

  4. I love to garden. Well, I really like the end result but it can be relaxing taking care of the garden.

  5. Some of my fave things include Pur gum, Covergirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner, and Kashi Dark Cocoa Karma cereal.

  6. I came to your website through this giveaway from Honeybear Lane. I actually joined your newsletter, following you on facebook & pinterest now. Thank you for this opportunity. Also, loving the toolbox.

  7. I just painted & re-did my kitchen backsplash….some of these would have been useful. Nice tutorial!

  8. Thanks so much for the chance to win some of your favorite things! Since I’m in the middle of painting all of my rooms this would be great!

  9. My favorite things, are Cadbury chocolates, Burt’s Bees lip shimmers and Dunkin Donuts coffee.

  10. Some oof my favorite things are ghirardelli chocolate, Olive Garden’s salad and breadsticks. I love the tool box, its so cute!

  11. Some of my favorite things include books, kitchen stuff and crafting items. I love this group of your things – we have a big painting project coming up.

  12. Right now my favorite thing is sleep (pregnancy). Other than that I love creating a beautiful space for myself and my family. Current project is working on a nursery for our little girl arriving in August!

  13. I love Land O’ Lakes hot cocoa, Burt’s Bees chapstick, Mountain Dew (I know, I know; it’s bad!), LulaRoe clothing, and Project Life scrapbooking supplies (although I have yet to sit down and actually scrapbook!) haha.

  14. I really love the toolbox the best; I am always doing diy projects around my home!

  15. Some of my favorite things are Reeses Peanut Butter cups, my necklace my daughter gave me when she was young, my blackest black eyeliner and my lipstick.

  16. One of my new favorite things is that awesome toolbox in your giveaway – yummy! Other favorites these days are mild Spring weather & the end of the school year creeping closer & closer!

  17. My favorite place to shop is Home Depot❤️❤️❤️ Seriously I could spend hours there. It’s actually the only store I enjoy shopping at. I do all my other shopping online. Your favorites list is fabulous. I’m in love with the toolbox ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  18. Frog Tape is so cool! We got a demo box from them at work since we carry their products, and the gelling adhesive that helps keep crisp/clean lines is amazing. My most consistent favorite thing is my KitchenAid Mixer. Her name is Dorothy, and I full on pouted when I was told she had to be stored on the pantry floor because we don’t have enough counter space in this house

  19. Great give away. I love the spray paint handle. I won’t attempt a project without one.

  20. Hmmm….my favorite things? That’s a tough question. I’d have to say – beads, lip gloss, yummy-smelling candles, flip-flops, and bright colors. Of course, that’s just a starter list. I’m not sure how you narrowed yours down to just a few items! Ha! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  21. My favorite things are dark chocolate and earl grey tea while reading cookbooks, thanks

  22. Some of my favorite things is my throw my husband got me and my plants that I love to take care of!

  23. Coffee, chocolate, my boys, the husband, painting, refreshing and repurposing old items are some of my favorite things. And reading sci-fi novels.

  24. My Ninja blender is one of my favorite things. It helps me to make a quick, healthy breakfast smoothie every day!

  25. Some of my favorite things are my kids, lol. But i really think i need a cute toolbox for my tools now after seeing this one!

  26. Goodness..I’m all over the map with favorite things..and have many fantastic collections.
    Vintage is my favorite from quilts, 40s potter, bamoo, rattan, Haywood Wakefield..Florida items..glass floats..boeys., cutting boards..paddles.
    Postcards..seashells, coral..orchids..on and on.

  27. What a cute toolbox!!! It would most definitely become my furniture restoration/redecorating kit box. I’d fill it with my favorite tools to strip, repair, refinish and redo furniture pieces, one of my favorite things to do!

  28. How everything smells after it rains, peonies, a clean house, my kids laughter, peanut butter m&m’s and diet dr. pepper.

  29. Some of my favorite things are Apple (iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad mini, iPhone, Mac mini), Crocs shoes, and Vera Bradley bags.

  30. I think is a wonderful gift and would love to win. It’s also a great idea for a new homeowner or housewarming gift. What girl wouldn’t want a floral tool box?? I love it!

  31. This giveaway contains many of my favorite things. I’m also starting to sew and quilt and I love the kits you can buy with everything included that you need.

    1. Great giveaway! My favourite things are anything that serve dual purpose. Like a stool / storage box. Your giveaway is a great incentive to do a refresh in the house.

  32. My favorite things are spending time with my family, gardening, scrapbooking and lots and lots of chocolate

  33. LOVE your Blog!! Can’t wait to try painting out piano and SO glad to see yours!! My favorite thing is when you finish a room / project and can take a step back, look at it and say to yourself “wow I did that!”

  34. A few of my favorite things… Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, Kari Gran Lip Whip, sweet tea, garden fresh tomatoes still warm from the sun, Saltwater sandals, Promark forward balance drum sticks, Amy Howard chalk paint, and my fabulous Instant Pot.

  35. Great giveaway! We just started renovating our bathroom so I could really use it all right now 🙂

  36. Some of my favorite things include my Roku player, Kat Von D Liquid Eyeliner and Dr. Pepper.

  37. Some of my favorite things are my chalkboard menu (couldn’t live without it), my planner, love colored pens (for planner), adult coloring books, and finally netflix!

  38. Some of my favorite things are my kindle paperwhite, my oofos sandals, and halo top ice cream!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  39. My favorite things include cookbooks, chocolate covered pretzels, and candles! All the candles.

  40. My favorite things are Creative Memories Fast to Fab, Kite Hill chive cream cheese, and Dress Your Truth. I’d love to chalk paint 2 old 80s trunks with these supplies.

  41. Hands down, notebooks! I have a ton of cute ones on hand just in case lol I can’t help but buy them when I see them

  42. Love the tool box. Am new to chalk painting and have several
    projects in mind………………You are an inspiration !!!

  43. My favorites things right now are candles, my coffee creamer (chocolate dessert flavors) and my lip tint.

  44. This is a great prize package and I could use all of the items in it. My mom is coming for a 2 week visit and I have a couple of furniture makeover projects for us to do together. I love nice knitting needles, pretty sets with carved or beaded tops and I am treating myself to a pretty ceramic yarn bowl.

  45. I am a fan & believer of Frog Tape! It works!!! I have used it many times. So that’s up there as a favorite 🙂

    My daughter is my *favorite* person…grape bubble gum is my favorite…deep dish pizza is a favorite…….oh the list can go on & on

  46. Current faves – Lindt 72% dark chocolate, Tazo ginger and mint green tea, all books by Georgette Heyer.

  47. My favorite thing is a good book to read (with time to read it!) and a Double Frosted Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie!

  48. Oh my goodness! Love all of your favorites. Wish I was as crafty as you! Some of my favorites include collagen peptides powder (YAY), St.Tropez self tanner and currently these delicious Guava candies!

  49. Rothy’s shoes, brownies, coffee, Harry Styles new album, candles, kitchen gadgets, watermelon.

  50. some of my favorite thing
    My kindle
    road trips
    working in my yard
    remodeling out 45 year old house. it’s time for the green formica countertops to go
    thank you

  51. The painted headboard is my favorite, it is beautiful! I would love to do something like that.