For Real Friday

I’m excited to begin For Real Friday again. Boys' Room This is a photo I shared earlier this year on my home tour.  (photo credit: Carpenter Photography and Design)  Look at my boys reading together in their perfect room… I know Pinterest (and blogs, magazines, and television) fills your head with beautiful images of perfect spaces.  And although my boys’ room still looks pretty nice (I’m type A and pretty obsessive about our home – to a fault), it doesn’t look like the photo above because my boys live there and this is a real-life home. I went up to their room after the boys left for school, and here’s what I saw: Real Life - My Boys Room First off, notice the bed skirts (6 months later) are now navy instead of gray.  The boys’ wrestling and jumping from bed to bed ripped the gray ones to pieces.  There is an animal hanging from one lamp, dirty tissues on the nightstand and piles of junk in their soda crates.  They’ve taped posters to the walls, stuck things on their lockers, and added (and I cringe as I type this) foam fingers to their headboards.  And if the boys were home, one of them (if not both) would probably be on an electronic device – not both quietly reading in bed. So next time you’re looking at Pinterest, realize that people live in these beautiful images you see, and someone spent an awful lot of time and effort making that space beautiful and perfect for the shot you’re viewing.  No one is perfect.  I spend a lot of energy on making our home pretty, but I fail miserably in the kitchen (and in lots of other areas).  We all have our gifts, and as much as I keep thinking it will change (maybe when I get a new oven my food will taste better?), I need to just embrace my gifts and be okay with the fact that I can’t do everything. Go create something!
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4 thoughts on “For Real Friday

  1. Thank you for being real. It’s refreshing. I found you when I was cruising the Internet and started following you. I like that you say right upfront that you love the Lord. And I really like your ideas. I do like to craft and in another life did quite a lot. Now my children are grown and I work too many hours a week. But I love to bake and do a project here and there in the weekends. I love your ideas and they inspire me. I saw your bronze painting of faucets and that sparked a search so my next projects to tackle are the brass light fixtures. I’ve been looking to buy the perfect ones but am so excited to paint them and save hundreds of dollars.