How to Install An Interior Door Knob

How to Install A Custom Interior Door Knob

Updating door hardware is an easy way to add value to your home. I share a video at the end of the post if you are more of a visual learner, but I will explain (step-by-step) how to install a Schlage Custom Interior Door Knob.

First, remove the old door knob and any associated hardware before you begin. This should be fairly easy and require only a screwdriver. Once the old hardware is removed, you are ready to begin!

1. Install the Latch

Install the latch and backplate making sure the bevel faces the door frame (so the door can easily shut).

2. Add the Faceplate

Add the faceplate and secure with screws. Be sure to use a hand-held screwdriver for the entire install to avoid stripping the screws.

3. Install the Strike onto the Door Frame

Install the strike onto the door frame with screws.

4. Install the Exterior & Interior Chassis.

Identify the exterior (posts and slots) and the interior chassis (pegs). Install the exterior chassis first.

The chassis is spring-loaded so you will need to secure it with two screws.

5. Install the Trim

To install the trim, align the hole in trim with hole in chassis and press down until it clicks. It is so easy.

6. Install the Door Knobs

Push the exterior door knob firmly into place and then tighten set screw using the included allen wrench.

If you have a privacy pin, install it before installing the interior door knob.

And that is it! The first door knob takes a little time, but once you figure out the steps, it really becomes easy. I was installing door knobs in under five minutes after I figured out the first one.

For our doors, I used Schlage’s Custom Bowery Knobs with Century Trim, and they are beautiful! My goal is always timeless and elegant, and this hardware is exactly that.

Schlage offers a huge assortment of quality door hardware for every decor style. You will find everything from modern, contemporary door hardware and backplates to classic, vintage style door knob and lever backplates.

Here is the video I promised on how to install a door knob – it is so much easier than you think!

I absolutely love our new Schlage custom door hardware – it was made for our home!

I’ve also added Schlage hardware to my exterior doors. You can see more on that hardware HERE.

The post How to Install A Custom Interior Door Knob written by me on behalf of Schlage. All opinions are 100% mine.

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