Kid Chalkboard Travel Box

This kid chalkboard travel box is perfect for your next road trip.

Kids Chalkboard Travel Box

With three kids, traveling can be a little hectic.  I have an easy (and inexpensive!) solution that will help keep your kid(s) entertained while letting you keep your sanity.  You can make your own kid’s chalkboard travel box for around $5.

I hate when my kids are on the screen the entire car trip, and these boxes help inspire creativity instead of more screen time.

Travel Boxes 8

Travel Boxes 12

Travel Boxes 11

I painted the top of the travel boxes with chalkboard paint.


Learn from my mistake and use a primer BEFORE you paint the chalkboard paint. It will peel off the plastic if you don’t…


Using painter’s tape, tape off the chalkboard area, prime and paint with chalkboard paint!  Make sure you allow the paint to dry fully in between coats of paint.

Travel Box (3)

I spent around $5 on the plastic box filled with fun little items to help keep the kids entertained in the car.  You can find so many fun toys at the dollar store.

  Not a bad investment for this kid chalkboard travel box! 

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