Kids Chalkboard Travel Box

Kids Chalkboard Travel Box
With three kids, traveling can be a little hectic.  I have an easy (and inexpensive!) solution that will help keep your kid(s) entertained while letting you keep your sanity.  You can make your own kids chalkboard travel box for around $5.

Travel Boxes 8

Travel Boxes 12

Travel Boxes 11

I painted the top of the travel boxes with chalkboard paint.


Learn from my mistake and use a primer BEFORE you paint the chalkboard paint. 🙂  It will peel off the plastic if you don’t…


Using painters tape, tape off the chalkboard area, prime and paint with chalkboard paint!

Travel Box (3)

I spent around $5 for the plastic box filled with fun little items to help keep the kids entertained in the car.  Not a bad investment!





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