Kitchen Feature in The Cottage Journal

Kitchen Feature in the Cottage Journal

I am excited to share our kitchen feature in The Cottage Journal – our DIY kitchen remodel was by far our most ambitious DIY to date.

kitchen feature in The Cottage Journal

I am so excited to have our space in this gorgeous publication, and it is one of those moments where I didn’t believe it until I was actually holding the magazine.

For me, I can’t believe our DIY kitchen made the space because I often see everything we did wrong rather than everything we did right. It is also incredibly humbling when I think back to where I was just five years ago.

Five years ago, I was still fairly new to blogging. I was plugging away and mainly posting about paint projects. We had recently moved into our current home where I had decided to get serious about blogging. However, the first year of my blog was done at our previous home, and I shared it with the buyers of our home only to later discover that they had created a blog where they blogged about their home projects.

I realize now that I was too emotionally tied to our first home, but in all my projects and posts, I make an effort to never call out the previous owner in their design decisions. Their little blog bothered me so much that I was ready to quit blogging because I felt like a failure. Luckily my husband is the best cheerleader, and he encouraged me to keep going.

I am glad I didn’t quit because those little beginning projects have slowly transformed into bigger projects. I have slowly gained confidence and knowledge to tackle projects like this kitchen remodel and more recently this DIY bathroom remodel which I did (almost) entirely on my own.

I still have a lot to learn in this crazy blogging journey, but I am thankful for encouragement like my kitchen feature in The Cottage Journal.

Thanks so much to Steve and my family for being my biggest supporters (Steve gets stuck spending nights and weekends on my blog projects) and thanks to my friend Mel of Carpenter Photo for her gorgeous photography (she makes my house look better than it is).

Thanks to all of you for taking time to read and follow along on my blogging journey and remember to keep pursuing what you are passionate about – don’t give up!

Go create something!

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10 thoughts on “Kitchen Feature in The Cottage Journal

  1. A friend just recently share that magazine with me, because I collect transferware! I saw your kitchen and wondered if I could add some gold to mine! Nice look!

  2. Always love to see and read what is new in your creative world. You are such a sweet, beautiful person and your talent is amazing. Congrats can’t wait to get a copy of the magazine. Happy Spring

  3. I love the frame with your last name on it. I’d love to see the detail of it and how it is constructed. I haven’t looked throughout your blog so maybe I’ll find it there. It is beautiful.

  4. I love everything about your space. Your kitchen is absolutely picture perfect! I work closely with your Aunt Tina and she shared your blog, because she knows how much I love to decorate. I am glad she did, I enjoy reading your blogs.