DIY Kitchen Renovation

We’ve been sharing our DIY Kitchen Renovation journey, and I’m happy you’re here!

Kitchen Remodel | Week 3

It is the third week of the kitchen remodel, and we are beginning to see real progress! (You can follow our remodel journey by going to Week 1 and Week 2). We finished assembling the final cabinet from Custom Service Hardware.  It was the base corner lazy-susan, and we saved the best for last! Kitchen Remodel | Week 3 I wanted to document our final cabinet build, but Steve was more focused on organizing the screws than documenting this sweet moment… We also began refinishing our wood floors this week.  If you’re local, we are using Full Circle out of Indianapolis. I am so excited to say goodbye to our orange hardwood floors… Besides being orange, they were pretty cupped, so it took several days of sanding. The result was stunning!  It looks like new floors.  Now we are trying to decide on a stain color.  We don’t want to go too light (and risk any yellowing), and I know not to go to dark (we had dark floors in our previous home, and they show everything)! Every room in our home (not having floors refinished) is filled with stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff. Yesterday we began hanging the cabinets from Custom Service Hardware.  Since we are going all the way to the ceiling with the cabinets, Steve checked how level our ceiling line is. We found the lowest point in our ceiling line and drew a line for the top row of cabinets.  We began at the corner and went out. My dad came and helped us with the cabinet hanging. It’s coming together and looking like a kitchen once again! Go create something! Are you new to my blog? Go HERE to see my home tour and HERE to shop for items I use in our home. Follow along on our DIY Kitchen Renovation journey!  See what happens next: Week 4 – Painting and Trim *This post is a sponsored post by The Home Depot and Custom Service Hardware. I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. And while this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.
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7 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Renovation

  1. Special walnut by min wax is a great color
    Not too dark or lightWe have it in our home!! Good luck. We love our floors with 3 coats of polyeurothane. No problems from dog nails

  2. I am preparing my kitchen to redo as well. Can’t wait. However, my question is…..I am installing a range hood similar to yours. My go to guy says it must be vented thru the roof. How do you clean the inside of the sheet metal from the range hood to the roof? It seems it could be a geese fire waiting to happen.

  3. Hi what color are your kitchen cabinets? I’m about to re do our kitchen and yours are the perfect color.

  4. What color stain are your floors? Are they red oak by any chance. I’m nearing the end of my year long house renovation and need to pick a floor stain. I feel like I should ask here because I chose the exact cabinet color you have…your kitchen was my whole inspiration!

    1. I love that my kitchen was you inspiration – that makes me so happy. Please share pics at the end! Unfortunately I’m not sure what our floors are. They are definitely oak, so they could be red oak? The stain is Duraseal’s JacoBean.