Kitchen Table Makeover

I gave my kitchen table a makeover!

Kitchen Table Update

Kitchen Table Update

Table Makeover with paint

We’ve had the Pier 1 Carmichael Dining Table for close to five years.

Pier One Table

Kitchen Table - BEFORE

After daily use from three kids and a move, it was beginning to look bad.  The top is a veneer, and it’s starting to wear through in spots.

Table Top

And there was a film over the entire top, so it never looked clean.

Table Top. It was driving me crazy, so I started dreaming about replacing it. Like most of us, I started dreaming of a farmhouse table.  I began looking at farmhouse tables on Pottery Barn, since many of my dreams begin there…

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Table  

The price point was beyond what I was willing to spend.   I could have looked for less expensive farmhouse options, but I started thinking that the only thing separating me from a pretty farmhouse table were table legs and paint.  Why didn’t I just give my table a makeover? After searching online, I discovered

I contacted them, and they worked with me to find the best solution.

Switching legs on a table

I ended up ordering four 27″ French Farm Dining Legs in Soft Maple.

Switching Table Legs

They had me measure the notches in my current legs, and they notched out my new farmhouse legs to make installation super easy.


To install my new legs with my existing braces, I placed the table upside down on the floor.  Next, we removed the existing legs.  (My old legs were bolted on, and I just removed the bolts.)

Removing Bolts I could have used the old bolts, but we ran into some issues with reusing them.  So, we used new bolts.

Updating a table

Once the old bolts and table legs were removed, I added the new table legs and marked where the new bolts should go.

Mark before drilling

Next, we pre-drilled a hole for the bolts.  (We used a 1/4″ drill bit and our lag bolts were 5/16 – 9×3.)  By drilling a bit smaller in diameter, the threads have something to bit into and hold.

Drilling holes

Once the holes were pre-drilled, the legs were put back on the table and the bolts were drilled in.

Adding Bolts

Changing Table Legs

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I also gave the table a paint makeover with Amy Howard at Home’s One Step Paint in Bauhaus Buff and Atelier.

One Step Paint by Amy Howard

To see more about a step-by-step tutorial for One Step Paint, click HERE. Instead of using wax, I used Amy Howard’s sealer (in matte).  This sealer is great for tables, cabinets, and floors, and it’s so easy to clean. Now my table has an entirely new look thanks to new legs and a coat of paint!

Kitchen Table Makeover

Kitchen Table - One Step Paint

Kitchen Nook Makeover  

Go create something!

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36 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Makeover

  1. What did you do with the veneer? Did you peel it or just go over it with the paint?
    It turned out beautifully!
    Thank you

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Because this one step paint really is just one step, there is no priming or sanding. I left the veneer and just cleaned it before I painted it. So far, the paint has held up beautifully!

  2. Looks great… If I wanted to antique the table a bit, should I use the dark wax and the sealer or just the light wax and then dark ?

    1. Hi Christine, I don’t think you can use the wax and the sealer – I think it’s one or the other. On my table, I used the sealer for the table top, and I also like the antique look, so I used the wax (light and dark) for the legs. I would really encourage a sealer over the wax for a table or desk top. I hope I helped!

  3. Your table looks amazing! I’m going to have to try this paint. I have never painted furniture before but I’m looking forward to giving new life to some of my old pieces. Could you tell me where you found your chair’s? They are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Lachelle! I found the chairs at Overstock. I was an airhead and thought the chairs came in sets, so I was surprised when only one came. I (obviously) went back and ordered another one and didn’t get the deal I thought I was getting. Haha! However, I do love them and so far they’ve held up really well – kids and all!

  4. How is the top of your table holding up to repeated washing? If you place a cold drink on it, does it leave a ring?

    1. Hi Kerri! The table top has held up really well. There are only two small chips on the top, and my three kids are pretty hard on the table. Drinks don’t leave a ring, and it constantly is being cleaned.

  5. Love everything you have done. I will be asking for your help on somethings I want to do. Really enjoy your work and comments. It is so great to find someone that has faith. God is good. Bless you and your family.

  6. I am in the process of recreating this look for my kitchen table. It’s my first DIY project – a little nervous but your tutorial has been great so far so thank you so much for being so detailed!

  7. Can you use Amy Howard one step paint over oil based paint? I would like to repaint my kitchen cabinets, but I used oil based paint before. Your projects are great! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Shannon! Yes, you should be able to use one step paint over an oil-based paint. You can always add a primer if you’re nervous about adhesion, but it really shouldn’t be necessary!

  8. I just repainted my Pier One kitchen table with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I have already added 3 coats of clear wax and plan to do some dark wax to distress. Once this cures, will it work as a busy well used table or do I need to do a sealer over the top of the wax? Thanks for your help!!

    1. Hi Diana! Unfortunately you can’t put a sealer over the wax. However, I would live with the table for a while and see how it holds up. It may do great, and you’ll like the wax. However, if you find that you don’t like it, I would just repaint the top and add a sealer instead of the wax. I used wax on my kitchen table on everything but the top. Good luck!

  9. I love your table and chairs. Where did you get your dining room chairs with the stud detail? They look great with your table and would look good in my dining room, too! Thanks in advance!

  10. Is there a tutorial on the painting of the table? I only see the one that shows how to attach the new legs.

    1. I didn’t do a tutorial on this table. However, I did paint the entire table with a chalk-based paint (I used Amy Howard’s One Step Paint). I used a water-based sealer (Amy Howard’s matte sealer) for the top, and clear wax with a little dark wax on the legs. I hope this helps!

  11. hi beautiful table!!
    would it be best I use a brush or roller for a table?
    I’m also doing chairs would you suggest wax or sealer?

    Also what do you use to clean it with.
    Thannk you

    1. Hi V!
      I would suggest a brush for the legs and a foam roller for the table top. In regards to the chairs, I would probably say sealer – just since you’re already doing the table with a sealer. However, if you like the dark wax look, then go with wax. I clean my table with soap and water. Good luck!

  12. Hey there,
    I just painted my kitchen cabinets with Amy howard one step and I am going to use the sealer… I was just wondering if you did what the instructions say and sand the the first coat of sealer and then add a second coat? Just seems like a lot of work. Thanks in advance

  13. Hi! I have the same table and it is need of a makeover. What color paint did you use on the legs?? Thank you!
    Your table looks amazing!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad I found your post on this! We dragged our Carmichael dining room set out of the barn to give my husband a desk during COVID. I have a pottery barn desk and I was thinking about giving his ‘new desk’ a makeover to compliment mine, lol. I started looking to see if anyone’s ever done a makeover to the table or bench especially because of the chipping veneer! Did you happen to have the bench that went with this table and if so did you ever give it a makeover?! I wasn’t even looking to change the legs but now I want to thanks to your beautiful table!!!