My Grandmother’s Chandelier

I was recently gifted the most beautiful antique chandelier – my grandmother’s chandelier.

My Grandmother's Chandelier

Here is the before photo of my dining room:

Dining Room

And here is how my dining room looks with the new-to-me light fixture.

Gray Dining Room

The chandelier was my grandmother’s.  As a sentimental person, I was beyond excited to be the new owner of such a beautiful piece. Last summer, we celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Graber Reunion

Can you find me? Recently my grandmother moved from her apartment to a nursing home, and she passed on the chandelier (among many of her other possessions) to her children and grandchildren.

Grandma's Chandelier

This is the fourth home the chandelier has graced.

Decorating with antique chandelier

It was a gift from my grandfather (who passed away almost 20 years ago) to my grandmother on their anniversary.  Unfortunately, no one (even my grandmother) is unsure what anniversary it was gifted.

Dining Room Decor Ideas

It originally hung at their farm home in Iowa, later moved to their home in town, followed her to her apartment after my grandpa passed away, and it now hangs in my dining room in Indiana.

Old Chandelier

I love decorating with family heirlooms.  They are great conversation starters and offer a way to connect the past and present and create an eclectic look in a home.  I also love thinking about its history and how many dinners were eaten under this light fixture – and how many more will be!

Do you have a special heirloom in your home?  I’d love to hear your story!

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10 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Chandelier

  1. My parents had that same chandelier when I was a kid. I think it was sold with the house all those years ago. By the way, beautiful family!

  2. So sweet….I too love having pieces in my home that once graced the home of my grandparents & great-grandparents. =) It’s very special to keep that little piece of history alive.

    1. It’s so special to have these pieces from grandparents (and great-grandparents)! I’m so glad you have some and obviously treasure them! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Michelle!

  3. I have 2 antique china dolls. One was my Daddy’s Mama’s when she was a little girl and the other was made by my Mama’s Mama. She had the antique head , hands, and feet and she made the body and dressed it, and gave it to me many years ago. I also have my Mama’s Shirley Temple pitcher from when she was a little girl and a dinner ring that was given to me on my 16th birthday, that was made from my grandmother’s engagement ring diamonds. I have several antiques that have been passed down but those are my most treasured possessions, besides my children and grandchildren.

    1. Oh Jaqi, I love that you mentioned your children and grandchildren and your most treasured possessions! It sounds like you have an amazing collection of keepsakes – antique dolls from both sides, the pitcher and that dinner ring (which sounds so amazing). Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Gorgeous and truly beautiful. How sweet of your grandfather to gift such a pretty chandelier for their farmhouse. And those would have not been wealthy times either. Depression and then WWII came and then surpluses for farmers to put fields into soil banks as there was a surplus of wheat. It touches me.
    Yes I think I found you!! What a fabulous photo!!!
    I too have a very special heirloom. My Dad was the youngest of four, his mother not starting a family until age 27 and then my Dad didn’t either. So my Grandmother was over 70 years old when I was born. At the turn of the last century her father, my great grandfather, paid to have a charcoal portrait done of my Grandma C and the large piece is framed with a large oak frame edged with carvings and white gold accents. I created a bedroom around that large portrait. We even call it Grandmas room. It is one of my favorite pieces I own ✝.

    1. The portrait sounds amazing, and I love that you refer to the room as “Grandma’s room”. I’m often tempted to buy the random portraits I sometimes find at antique stores and wonder the story behind them. I’m so glad your grandmother’s charcoal portrait has stayed in the family and received the attention it deserves! What a very special heirloom! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Gwen.