Reader Spotlight: Kristi’s DIY Shoe Cubby

Reader Spotlight: Kristi’s DIY Shoe Cubby

Shoe Cubby Lookalike

A few years ago, I found an old mail sorter at a local antique shop.  Since then I have used it to store my kids’ shoes in our mudroom area.  (To see more, click HERE.) Recently a reader contacted me with a photo of a DIY shoe cubby that was inspired by my antique mail sorter.

Home Made Shoe Cubby

Isn’t this pretty impressive?!

Reader Kristi

Meet Kristi from Texas.  She’s a DIY girl who learned the art from her mom.  Kristi told me, “my mom used to do woodworking when I was little…She passed away suddenly three years ago.  When we bought a used playset soon after (that needed some work), I thought of her and knew I had it in my genes to figure out the power tools! And it’s just been a fun journey from there!

Building a shoe cubby.

Kristi enlisted her husband to help with this project, and the nail gun they purchased came in really handy.

Building a shoe cubby

After building a workbench, this is Kristi and her husband’s first DIY furniture piece. (Just look at that beautiful workbench – don’t you love those red casters?!)


A couple that DIYs together…stays together.  Right, Kristi?!

Shoe Cubby Mail sorter

Kristi loves her shoe cubby because “it works perfectly for our 6-yr old twin girls’ shoes that used to pile up in the laundry room because  as we all know that taking them to their bedroom closet is too much to ask!”

Shoe Cubby Progress

The problem with my shoe cubby is that my 10-year-old son’s feet are getting too big for the slots.  Kristi has a great solution for this: “As their shoes get bigger, I’ll probably just pull it away from the wall about an inch or two and add trim to the top and sides to hide the space! It will definitely be a permanent fixture in our house!”

Complete Shoe Cubby

Not only is Kristi incredibly brilliant, but she’s pretty talented, too!  (And a shout-out to Kristi’s husband!)

Home Made Shoe Cubby

Thanks for sharing your amazing DIY with us, Kristi!

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13 thoughts on “Reader Spotlight: Kristi’s DIY Shoe Cubby

  1. You are so sweet to feature my sister, Kristi. She is one talented woman! She has built me quite a few pieces that I am extremely proud of. A big thanks to bloggers like yourself for getting her motivated and inspired! Happy Fall!

  2. Hello, this is a random question but I just love the 3 drawer wooden box you have on your shoe cubby! Do you know where you got it? I have searched all over for one similar and cannot find one. Thanks