My IKEA Hack (Cracked Mirrors)

In this age of Pinterest perfect images, I love to share real-life images and stories.  This may be my favorite (and most depressing) For Real Friday yet…My IKEA Hack (Cracked Mirrors).

For Real Friday: My IKEA Hack (Cracked Mirrors)

Remember the IKEA dresser makeover I shared last summer?  It is my favorite DIY project to date.  I spent so much time dreaming and scheming and my dad helped me make the dream a reality. Unfortunately, it’s been moved from our master bedroom to the guest room for the past six months.

Moved to the Guest Room

Two of the mirrors were cracked ALL the way across the drawer front.

Cracked Mirrors

When I first noticed the cracks, I blamed my husband, and he denied it.  I honestly thought it was him for days and was SO aggravated with him. Then, one day my daughter came dancing into our room.  She sat down singing one of her little songs and starting turning and tightening the knobs.  It was HER!

Cracks in Mirrors

I was too tired to redo the piece, so I moved her upstairs until recently I decided she (my dresser – still deciding on my daughter) deserved a second chance. I had Lowe’s cut mirrors to size for the drawer fronts, and I removed the cracked mirror from the drawers.

Removing Mirror from Drawer Fronts I drilled holes in the mirror which is something I’ve never done before.  I bought a special mirror drill bit from the hardware store, puddled water, and went for it!

Drilling through a mirror

I drew my paint lines, added the little stars, and repeated all the steps from before.  AND I added one more thing: little felt pads under the knobs (Oh, and my daughter is not allowed within five feet of this dresser).

Adding Felt Pads

HOWEVER, before I even had time to post this, my daughter DID IT AGAIN!

Crack in dresser mirror

She tightened the knob, and the glass cracked despite the little felt pad.  I was heartbroken, and Lena was in BIG trouble.  Thank goodness she is cute because I was out of patience. The dresser will stay for now with its one crack.  Strike three for my daughter is not an option. I had to share a photo of the dresser as it is – not styled and how it looks with piles of junk in real life:

For Real Friday - Real Life

Someday I’ll laugh about this – maybe?

Have you ever had a DIY experience go wrong like my IKEA Hack (Cracked Mirrors)?

Go create something!

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16 thoughts on “My IKEA Hack (Cracked Mirrors)

  1. Oh no! You worked so hard 🙁 At least time it is only one drawer that is cracked…
    And I am glad to see that I am not the only one with real life stuff on my night stand, I don’t feel so bad now 🙂

  2. Cute dresser and idea. There has to be a reason other than tightening the pull. Third time’s the charm. I am sure you will figure it out! Now, as to that cute daughter . . . .

    1. I thought the mirrors were such a good idea, Kathleen! I’m not sure I can get myself to fix it again. I think a crack-free mirrored dresser while having my daughter in my home isn’t an option – haha! 😉 Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Sorry you couldn’t laugh, yet, but it brought some chuckles to me. Not because of your pain, but because I have been in Lena’s shoes as I have broken glass by fighting objects on glass. Maybe not on a dresser but I know how sensitive glass can be.
    Your dresser ideas and effort are beautiful, and I’m sure you’ll get it fixed, when Lena goes to college. Lol
    Keep the faith, you are a fantastic parent. Love to all.

  4. Oh dear. I truly feel your pain. I bought an expensive nightstand as I’d had a glass round table with cloth and my hubby awoke one night with a fear I’d used the table to grab hold of (.im handicapped) and it toppled. He had me get a nightstand the next day. I fell in love with one with antique glass panels inset on each of the three doors. I looked. Yes there’s a knob in he middle. Ohhhh I never thought of the glass breaking. Are there different weights of mirrors??? Could you ever want to try glass and try doing your own Mercury glass mirrors, I did that for antique frames and they are amazing. Would that be cheaper and possible to get a thicker glass?? Blame the glass. Try a glass shop before totally ditching this nightstand. It’s too cool to let it drop now!!! Please??

  5. I always admire the IKEA rast hacks online and yours is great. However when I actually felt the rast in the store I couldn’t believe how flimsy it was! I don’t think it is worth all of the hard work for the quality. And there are many nice items at IKEA, but this isn’t one of those them.

  6. So I have a dresser like this that I found at Goodwill and it was a total steal, buuuttt a couple pieces are cracked:( I have called around to a couple different glass places and it seems like I’ll be spending $250+ to get the pieces fixed, but I am wondering where you bought your glass from and if all Lowes cuts glass. I am also wondering what type of adhesive you used to glue the glass back on. Let me know because it would truly help out to save me money and time.

    1. Hi Lauren, Yes! Lowes has and cuts mirrors! The only problem is that they can’t smooth out the edges, so it can be sharp. I think I spent around $20? It wasn’t much! I used a heavy duty adhesive. I think it was called Loctite – also from Lowes. Good luck!!

  7. How did you get your edges smooth out from Lowe’s? I talked with them and they said the edges wouldn’t be smooth

  8. I had mirrors for my closet bifold they had adhesive knobs sounds like a good option for you no holes needed or tightening good luck!