Shoe Box Storage

Here’s an inexpensive and easy way to dress up shoe box storage. 

Shoe Box Storage Pin

My boys LOVE Legos. Legos are great, but they horrible to step on and can drive this clutter-hating mom mad.  Also, my boys have a younger sister who loves to tear apart their creations… So, I wanted an inexpensive way to organize their legos that they could easily access but would be hard for their little sister to reach.  They have shelves in their closet, and I thought shoeboxes would be the perfect solution to organize the Legos. Storage Shoe Boxes 1

Shoe boxes are free, sturdy, and easy to find! As great as shoe boxes are, they just aren’t very pretty.  I know these boxes are going in my boys’ closet, but I still wanted them to be fun.  So I pulled out Mod Podge and wrapping paper. Storage Shoe Boxes 3

I covered the outside of each box with Mod Podge.  You have to work fast because this stuff dries pretty quickly.

Storage Shoe Boxes 4

I then wrapped the paper over the box and on the Mod Podge.

Storage Shoe Boxes 5

I cut the extra paper around the box.  (I didn’t waste my time covering the inside of the box.)

Storage Shoe Boxes 6

I Mod Podged the outside of the paper for extra durability.

Storage Shoe Boxes 9

While the boxes were all drying, (And don’t freak out!  They dry much prettier than they look while wet.) I worked with my younger son on a game plan.  We needed to figure out how to sort the Legos. Storage Shoe Boxes   Storage from Shoe Boxes 1

Once the boxes were dry, we added a label (so they can be changed as Lego collections evolve).  Using the Sharpie pen, we wrote the Lego set in the box.

Storage from Shoe Boxes

Storage Shoe Boxes 8

Storage Shoe Boxes 7

Go create something!

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