DIY Nightstand Hack

Today I’m sharing an easy DIY Nightstand Hack.

  DIY Gold Bookshelf Nightstand

Having dealt with insomnia in the past, I do everything to make our bedroom as peaceful and sleep-encouraging as possible. One thing we were missing in our room was a nightstand and lamp.  I originally set out to find an old nightstand to redo, but I had no luck finding anything I really loved.  Then, one day I was staring at one of the basic, three-shelf organizers we all have (or have had).  I decided I could make it over into a cute and functional nightstand.

Three Shelf Organizer Hack

To make this nightstand (which I think would also make an adorable bar cart), you just need to begin with the basic, three-shelf organizing shelf.

Nightstand BEFORE

Next, I figured out where I wanted the two shelves, and filled in the extra holes.

Fill holes with putty

I added a top and base to the shelf using wood glue and small nails.

Adding the top to nightstand

I added trim around the entire outer edge using wood glue and small trim nails.

Framing the shelf

Framing out the shelf

I also trimmed out the shelves.

Adding trim to shelf

I replaced the cardboard backing with wood (I had Lowes cut the backing and the top and bottom boards.  All I had to do was use a chop saw for the trim!).

Replacing Cardboard with Wood Backing

I spray painted the entire piece of the backing with gold spray paint. Using painters tape, I added stripes and spray painted it again – but lightly.  After the tape was removed, this gave it a tonal gold striped look. Gold Striped Backing

I added casters to the bottom.

Adding Casters

Then, I spray painted the entire piece gold.

DIY Nightstand

Gold Nightstand

DIY Gold Nightstand

As I mentioned before, I really value sleep and do whatever I can do to protect it.  So, when I had the chance to test out the new GE Align PM LED Light Bulb, I jumped on the chance.  This light bulb helps promote the body’s natural sleep cycle by producing more melatonin in the body.  Using this light in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime in place of another lighting can help your body maintain its natural sleep-wake cycle and help users maintain better sleep rhythms.

GE Align PM Bulb

GE Align PM Light Bulb

These light bulbs are engineered to produce a low amount of blue light versus an ordinary light bulb. The bulb contains very low amounts of blue light which creates a very warm color helping you rest easier. GE Align PM


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.04.43 PM

Gold Painted Nightstand

GE PM Bulb

DIY Gold Bookshelf Nightstand

Go create something!

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