Best Paint Sprayers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wagner. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have tested a large assortment of paint sprayers over the years, and I have my thoughts on what are the best paint sprayers. For big jobs where you don’t want to mess around, I am a big fan of Wagner paint sprayers

I used their Flexio sprayer twice on my bookshelves, and the first time I painted them gray.

And the second time I went bold and painted them black.

Obviously the project wasn’t too rough (thanks to my sprayer) if I was willing to do it twice!

The flexio worked really well for the bookshelves, and the overspray wasn’t too bad. However it does leave a little bit of a texture (which wasn’t a big deal for the bookshelves).

Recently I decided to paint our bonus room (the gray is actually much darker than it looks in this photo), and I wanted a smooth finish (but I absolutely did NOT want to paint it by hand).

After some conversations and research, I opted for an HEA (high efficiency airless) paint sprayer – Wagner’s Control Pro 130 HEA.

Best Paint Sprayers

This sprayer uses up to 55% less overspray than traditional airless paint sprayers and has a softer spray pattern for more control and a smoother finish. It is 3x faster than a standard roller – which was my motivating reason for using the sprayer.

Set up is SO simple, and Wagner has a great video on how to do that HERE.

Best Paint Sprayers

The sprayer holds a lot of paint, so I didn’t waste a lot of time filling the sprayer.

I was happy to discover this sprayer doesn’t clog easily, and thanks to the airtight lid, the paint didn’t dry out in the sprayer.

Using the sprayer is fairly easy, and you can see the full tutorial HERE.

The spray pattern was soft and consistent. I tried to overlap by 50% (as directed) as I was spraying back and forth.

I was spraying a very large room, so I really appreciate the long electrical cord and the long spray hose.

I painted the room with two coats of paint in under three hours. The new space is brighter and better thanks to Wagner!

Want to see the sprayer in action? Watch this:

Just because I’ve had several ask about my face mask (or lack of), this project was done during the coronavirus outbreak. I used what I could find for a mask (and a water-based paint with low VOCs).

Go create something!

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