Fun Ways to Decorate Envelopes

If you’re looking for fun ways to decorate envelopes, then you’ve come to the right place!


Today I’m sharing how to decorate envelopes and make them extra special.  Not only are the ideas easy, but they’re really inexpensive!


I love greeting cards.  (Before I had kids, I worked at a Hallmark subsidiary designing cards.)

 Hallmark Card Aisle


Hallmark Cards

And, it’s a bonus if they have colored envelopes!

Hallmark Envelopes

This is where I like to make my cards a little extra special and give them my DIY touch.  And I promise these envelope decorating ideas are easy!

One way to decorate these envelopes is with washi tape.  I found my rolls for around $1 in the craft department at Walmart.  Washi tapes come in endless patterns and are really easy to work with since it can be removed if you mess up.

Decorating with Washi

See how much fun this tape is?

I love buntings.  Buntings just scream celebration.  All you need to do to create your own washi tape bunting is draw a line on your envelope.  If you’re sending the card, keep in mind the return address and stamp placement.

Washi Tape Fun*

Next, cut small pieces of the tape and draw triangles along the bottom.

Washi Tape Banner

Once the triangles are cut out, place your little “flags” along the line you drew.  That’s all you need to do to make an adorable bunting.

Washi Tape

I also lined the envelope flap with tape.

Washi Tape - Envelopes

And I created a bunting using triangles I cut from the washi tape.

Washi Tape Fun

Here’s another little envelope craft that cost me nothing since I already had the supplies on hand.  All you need is an unused pencil eraser and an ink pad.


Eraser Stamp

The pencil eraser becomes your stamp.  Just keep the eraser flat, and you’ll have perfect little dots.

Eraser Stamping

It’s so easy!




I’m now stocked up and ready for all my nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays for the next year. 

What other fun ways to decorate envelopes do you know of?

Go create something!

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