Home Tours | Indianapolis

I love visiting and touring other people’s homes, so I thought it would be fun to do various city home tours. Today’s home tours are local here in Indianapolis, and it is two mini home tours with some local DIY bloggers.

You may already know them, but if you don’t, let me introduce so you can be inspired by their decor and DIY skills!

Home Tours | Indianapolis

Angela of Unexpected Elegance

Angela is a dear friend of mine, and we’ve collaborated on several projects together and even owned a business together (for a short while). When I first became interested in blogging, I reached out to Angela and she graciously met me and gave me some great advice.

Angela’s style is comfortable, charming, and elegant.

Here is an image of her living room.

Home Tours Indianapolis

Angela knows how to use power tools, and she created this dutch door! You can see the DIY dutch door tutorial HERE.

Angela also recently remodeled her kitchen, and she did it SOLO! You can see more on that DIY kitchen remodel HERE.

Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick

Sarah has been blogging a long time, so she has a stockpile of amazing DIY projects. She’s not afraid of powertools and shows simple ways to add value to your home.

Sarah’s style is inviting and traditional with modern touches.

I am in love with the pendants in her kitchen. Go HERE to see how Sarah added character to her kitchen.

Sarah decorates with a lot of navy, and her family room is so inviting. I love her pillow pattern play, and you can see a little friend hanging out in the space.

Sarah pulls that same color palette into her dining room, and it works just as well in that space.

You can see Sarah’s full home tour HERE.

You can find Angela and Sarah on Instagram. Go follow their home decor adventures.

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Styling a Tray

Does your coffee table need a little something extra?  Come see how styling a tray is easier than you may think! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. The opinions and text are all mine. Styling a Tray with Hobby Lobby I love using trays in my decor. They add interest and texture while containing home decor pieces. Trays come in a variety of sizes and materials and can match any decor style. Once the perfect tray is found, the styling can begin. Here are a few helpful hints:

Use decor pieces with varying heights.

Add visual interest to the tray by finding items of different heights (and sizes).

Think in threes.

Three is the perfect number (which is probably why I have three kids). It works well for grouping while not appearing cluttered.

Add life.

Adding life (greenery or flowers) can include artificial plants. Whether using real or artificial plants, they will add warmth to the tray. For my tray, I created a DIY plant holder (and share that tutorial later in this post) and added a bowl and candle. Everything on my tray (including the tray) was found at Hobby Lobby. I fell in love with the unusual shape and pretty design of this bowl. It’s filled with beads for the photo, but in real life, we use it to hold our TV remote. I love the straight lines of the bowl against the round tray. I also used a candle to style my tray. I found a pretty navy candle that matched my decor (and smelled great). I put it in this modern glass and brass candle holder. My coffee table is so large, that I added another vignette with the tray. I began by stacking some books I already had. I found this metal and glass terrarium which worked nicely with the candle holder. I found the most realistic-looking artificial air plant for the terrarium for next to nothing. This fun and quirky white geometric pineapple and is the perfect piece to usher in warmer weather. It adds height to the other vignette which helped balance the two decor groupings. The centerpiece of the decor groupings is the DIY plant container. It is not only beautiful, but you can customize it to fit your decor (and it’s pretty inexpensive to make). Here are the supplies needed: To begin, lay the fabric inside the bowl to determine how much is needed. The fabric will be glued to the inside of the bowl. Keeping in mind that fabric can shrink when wet, allow extra fabric before cutting around the bowl. Once the fabric is cut, remove the fabric from the bowl. Pour Mod Podge into the bowl. Make sure you thickly cover the inside of the bowl. Once the bowl is covered in Mod Podge, add the fabric. Keep the fabric facing outward. I found that a rag worked best for attaching the fabric. Add more Mod Podge where needed and work out any bubbles. Once the fabric is glued, allow the Mod Podge to completely dry. It could take up to 24 hours depending on the thickness of the Mod Podge. Once it dried, cut off the extra fabric around the top. For my bowl, I stuffed the inside with newspaper and added my flake greenery (green boxwood). I glued moss around the plant to hide the newspaper. The result was the perfect greenery vase combination for my space! Go find a tray at Hobby Lobby and style it pretty.

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