Spray Painting Furniture

Spray painting furniture is an easy way to update tired, worn pieces.

When we first moved into our current home, we needed a new dining room set.  Unfortunately, dining room sets are expensive, so I began looking at second-hand shops for used dining room sets.  While visiting my parents, I fell in love with our dining room set in a little antique shop.

Furniture Makeover with Spray Paint

Unfortunately, it was 250 miles away. My amazing parents loaded up a trailer (and their two vehicles – a truck and an SUV) and brought the set to us. The chairs have some amazing detail, but they were very worn and beat up.



Luckily I had one last 60 degrees in late fall before all this crazy weather (snowpocalypse and polar vortex) hit the midwest.  Do not try to spray paint in cold temps.  Just do not try it.  I have done it before, and the results are not pretty. With the warmer temperatures, I was able to spray paint the dining room chairs.  With a little spray paint (and some new fabric), these chairs look refreshed and updated: chair.3


I used Valspar’s Color Radiance spray paint in black matte.  The coverage was great, and I love the finish. I also lightly sanded the corners to add a {slightly} distressed look.  This way my kids can use the chairs without me worrying about nicks and scratches. It just took a few hours of my time to update the chairs.  Spray paint is great for pieces where you’re looking for a flat finish.  The makeover was easy and inexpensive! If you want more details on when to use spray paint on furniture (and tips for applying it), check on this post on painting furniture with spray paint:  

I also love using spray paint to update old dishes!  They make great decor pieces – just don’t use them for food…  

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7 thoughts on “Spray Painting Furniture

  1. How have these held up after a couple of years?

    I want my dining chairs to be matte black but am concerned about them looking dirty in time.

    I did a coffee table in black chalkboard paint, with no top coat – learning experience – and it seems like a lot of dust has “embedded” itself and can’t be removed.

    The spray paint looks a bit smoother though with less tooth to catch stuff, and obviously won’t take as much punishment as a table top.

    Thoughts? How are your chairs looking?

    1. Hi Aidu! It’s been three years, and these chairs have held up really well. I did just recently retire them, but the black spray paint looks great. I used a matte paint, and it is an oil-based paint. You shouldn’t have the dust issued with an oil-based spray paint like you did with your chalk-based paint. Good luck on your project!