Paint a Faucet


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Our house was built in the 90’s.  The 90’s = brass.  Lots and lots of brass. So, believing anything can be painted, I decided to paint the brass bathroom faucet.


I used Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover paint in Metallic oil rubbed bronze, and this bathroom project barely put a dent in the can. Looks like I have a lot more paint to use… (!!)


You can find it on Amazon here (affiliate link):

I realized after I had started to tape off my faucet that I didn’t have primer. Now, I was too excited to stop my project and run and get primer. So, although I strongly recommend that you use primer, I didn’t. I’ll be the guinea pig for this little experiment,and we’ll see how the faucet holds up without a primer. I figure it’s a win win situation. If it holds up – great! I now have an oil bronze faucet instead of a brass faucet. If it doesn’t, I guess I will “have” to buy a new faucet for the sink. I know which scenario my husband is rooting for… 😉

Now, it would have been SO much easier to spray paint the faucet (Rust-Oleum also offer the same product in spray paint), but I did not want to have to remove the faucet. So, I taped it off and got to work.


It took around three coats of paint and the drying process was long. I did this over a course of 2-3 days. I also had to pull out q-tips to paint some of the hard to reach areas.


I haven’t had much experience using oil-based paint, and it is a pain! It is SO hard to clean off anything – your hands, brushes, the sink. I went through a lot of mineral spirits…

When I pulled off the tape, the paint had seeped through some areas of the tape. I actually used the chiseled end of a wooden kabob stick to scrape the extra paint off.

Overall, I think the project went okay.  I’m not sure how it will hold up, but I do like the way it looks! It was MUCH more time consuming than I had expected, but I know a can of paint and time is MUCH cheaper than a new bathroom faucet.

Painted Faucet

I’ll keep you posted on how it looks in a few months.

UPDATE: To see how the faucet looks after 3 months, click HERE.

UPDATE (September 2016): For an update 2.5 years later, click HERE.

More to come!

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