This World Needs What You Hold

“This world needs what you hold.” – Amy Howard in her book A Maker’s Guide


Last week, I had the amazing opportunity (along with 13 other bloggers) to travel to Memphis and spend time with Amy Howard, her husband Gene, and the Amy Howard team.

Amy Howard & Sara

Along with designing and manufacturing luxury furnishings, Amy Howard has created an artisan paint line.

Amy Howard

Our first evening in Memphis, Amy graciously invited us into her beautiful home to eat and spend time together.

Amy Howard.23

And I was in total awe of her talent. (I apologize for the quality of my photos.  We were at Amy’s home in the evening, and I’m a terrible photographer when there isn’t natural light available.)

Amy Howard.20

Amy’s the most amazing designer.  Not only does she have an eye for antiques and a vision for space, but she’s a true DIYer.  She gives life to forgotten pieces.

This world needs what you hold.

Amy Howard.17

This room and bed were absolutely to die for.  The walls were upholstered!

Amy Howard.12

And the bed was DIY’d to match the walls.


 Amy Howard Home.1

As I walked from room to room, I was greeted with unexpected and beautiful surprises.

Amy Howard.9

The half bath had a mirror she repurposed from a dresser with her lacquer paint.

Amy Howard.1

And the dining room was beyond gorgeous

. Amy Howard.4

Amy playfully mixed chairs around a pretty table.

Amy Howard Home.3

Not all of Amy’s rooms had patterned walls, but I found that I was drawn to those spaces, like this bedroom.

Amy Howard Home.6

Amy created a sophisticated but playful room for her granddaughters.

Amy Howard Home.4

I loved the mix of the fabrics.

Amy Howard Home.7

And the attached bathroom left no detail untouched.

Amy Howard Home.2


Amy Howard Home.12

Amy Howard.2

The kitchen had these amazing old sliding doors that opened to reveal pantries.

Amy Howard Bloggers

This was a group shot of all of us the first evening.  After a fun evening, we went back to the hotel and woke up bright and early for the painting workshop at the Amy Howard headquarters.

Amy Howard Bloggers copy

We spent the entire next day painting, and anyone who knows me knows there are few things I love more.

Sara at Amy Howard

It’s peaceful and therapeutic.

Amy Howard Presentation.1

And if the day could get any better, I was being trained by Amy Howard herself.

Amy Howard One Step Paint.1

We learned about her huge line of different paints.

Amy Howard Painting

She taught us techniques and details.

Amy Howard Laquer

And the color options were endless.

Amy Howard Display

Amy Howard Bloggers copy

The Amy Howard office was filled with pretty displays and painting ideas.

Amy Howard at Home Showroom

Amy Howard at Home Project

Amy Howard at Home Paints

This little trip filled my cup.  Not only am I excited to share my newly discovered painting knowledge, but I feel so refreshed after spending time with other creatives. I’m not quite sure how I got to the place where I am now, but I am so thankful.  I love creating.  As I’ve said before, I know God created me to create.  And, I love sharing what I’ve learned with you all, and I hope I give you the confidence to create. Besides being amazing gifted creatively, Amy Howard is an intelligent businesswoman.  In her book, A Maker’s Guide, Amy says, “Embracing your talents is accepting the gift of opportunity… Taking this opportunity to heart requires courage…Singers want to sing, painters want to paint, and teachers want to teach.  The most unnatural path in life is to not do what you were made to do.”

What were you made to do? This world needs what you hold!

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  1. Thank you Sara, I have been a fan of all your projects …. Honestly I have learned a lots. …amazing.*********
    Thanks again.

    Adlane from Toronto.