Bathroom Wall Paneling

We loved our dining room wall treatment so much, that we decided to do something similar in the half bath and create bathroom wall paneling.

Easy Wall Treatment  

(To see the full tutorial for the dining room wall paneling, click HERE or on the photo below.)

Square Wall Treatment

Recently Steve and I were able to go off on a vacation AND leave the kids behind.  We’re so thankful to have two sets of parents who are able to help, and the kids split their time between them (and thoroughly enjoyed the week with Gramma & Grandpa and Nana & Papa). I knew that I needed a project for my retired dad who needs to be busy all the time (see where I get it?!), so I left him the plan and supplies for the half bath wall paneling.

pencil lines

Before I left for the trip, I drew the lines and did the math for the trim.

Bathroom before

Starched fabric no wall damage

I also removed the bottom half of my starched fabric wall.  (Want to see the full tutorial?  Click HERE.)  I used a ruler and a knife to cut away the fabric, and the wall was PERFECT when I pulled off the starched fabric.  It was ready to go – I didn’t have to do any repairs or scrub away any extra starch.

Easy Wall Treatment

I wish I had the full tutorial for this, but the technique was very similar to what we did with the wall in the dining room.  My dad used nails for the trim and tried to find studs whenever possible.

Bathroom Fabric Starched Wall

We caulked the trim and nail holes. The wall, molding, and existing bottom trim were all painted the same color – a very light cream.

Bathroom Wainscoting*

Bath Wall Treatment Tutorial

I bought special corner trim for the corners to make the project easier.

Corner of Wall Treatment

Bathroom Wall Paneling

Bathroom Wainscoting

I found the mirror online at Pottery Barn and the lights are from Lowe’s.

Bathroom Light

Painted Faucet

I painted the existing brass faucet.  To see more, click HERE.

Bathroom Wall

I am searching for an antique restroom sign, but until I find one, my Ebay reproduction will have to work.

Restroom Sign

Bathroom Easy Wall Panel

 Go create something!

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33 thoughts on “Bathroom Wall Paneling

  1. Sara, you have a beautiful sense of style; I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your latest projects. Can you tell me the name/ manufacturer of the wall paper in your powder room (and, if possible, where you purchased it?)
    Thanks so much!

  2. I will be gone the first week of March. Do you think your dad could come to my house and do a project? Wouldn’t want him to get bored!! 🙂

    I love your blog and all your creative ideas. The bathroom looks great! I need to go back and read your tutorial on the starched fabric for wallpaper. I might just have to try that on an accent wall.

    So glad God has blessed you with such a wonderful artistic talent and that you are willing to share it with us.

    Love you Sara!!

  3. I just found your blog through Design Mom and I am definitely adding it to my reader! I am looking forward to browsing your archives over a weekend. I just saw the wall sconces in your bathroom, from Lowe’s you said, crystal faceted globes with silver tone hardware. Do you by any chance have a link? I have looked forever for some I love, and those are the first ones that I am excited about! I am looking on the Lowe’s site and don’t see them so far…

    1. Hi Lori! I’m so glad you found me!
      The lighting was in Lowe’s mix & match section. Here’s the sconce:|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=
      And here’s the crystal shade:|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=#BVRRWidgetID

  4. I came to this post to comment on your lovely post here:

    For some reason I can’t comment there, but I LOVE your jamberrys 😉 My eyes always seem to catch them whenever I see someone else wearing them too!

    I also love the tutorial posted there (and here) but the starched fabric for the walls is so fantastic for living in an apartment with a stingy landlord who doesn’t want to buy paint. 🙂

    best x

    1. Lindsey, Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m sorry you couldn’t comment on the first post – I’ll have to look into that! The starched fabric really is great for renters who want to get creative! I appreciate you stopping by!

  5. I love this bathroom! Beautiful! I also looked at your link on how to hang fabric as wallpaper. Definitely going to try it in my bathroom but may have to convince you to come over to help me. 😉 (ps. I’m aaron jenkins’ sister.)

  6. You have a good eye for color! I thought the fabric wall was fabulous already, then you all went and made it even nicer! Looks very grand, m’dear!

  7. Hi Sara, Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think this might be just the idea for my bathroom. I was originally thinking about stenciling but this would be so much easier, and also better if I want to change it up! I love the Lord, praise God!
    Best Wishes…

    1. Hey Tammy! Thanks so much for your comment, and good luck on your bathroom! If you attempt the starched fabric, find someone to help you hang it. Trying to hang it is the hardest part!

  8. Dear Sara,

    I’m really inspired by your creative ideas and skills! Please could you tell me what colour paint you used for the panels and doors for your half bathroom?

    Thanks so much,


    1. Thanks, Natasha! I am kicking myself, because I threw out the can and now I don’t know! It’s a definitely cream color, but I am so sorry I can’t tell you an exact color. I would love to know myself!