I was gifted a couple of Paint-A-Pillow sets and wanted to share my experience with you.

 Paint-A-Pillow Review

I was given the opportunity to review the fun new product, Paint-A-Pillow.

paint a pillow kit *

Paint-A-Pillow is a kit that gives you everything you need to paint your own pillow: Pillow cover, pillow insert, stencil, paint, stencil brush, paint tray, paint roller, paint stirrer, instructions, test stencil, and test fabric. You can also buy additional paint, brushes, and embellishments if you want.  I ordered some additional paint colors, brushes and studs as well as an extra pillow cover and pillow insert.

Paint a Pillow Extras

The Paint-A-Pillow kit includes easy-to-follow instructions AND pictures.

paint a pillow instructions

For my first pillow, I used the instructions for the multi-color stenciling.

Multi Color Stencil Instructions

But before I started painting my pillow, I used my (adorable!) test stencil and fabric.

practic stencil for pillow

I used the brush to test it out since I was going to use a brush for my stencil – because of all my colors.  (A roller is great when you’re using one color.  More on that later!) Basically, you just dab with the brush in up and down motion.  Don’t go crazy on the paint because less is more! practice for paint a pillow

I have to admit.  I was shocked at how easy it was!  (I was a little worried that I may screw up the test sample.  But seriously, it was EASY!)

Paint for paint a pillow

Now armed with confidence, I decided to go for it!  It’s recommended that you go from light to dark colors.  I began with neutral gray.

stencil a pillow with brush

And I just kept going…

paint a pillow stencil brush

And going!

Stenciling a pillow

The stencil is held in place with these metal prongs.  It’s amazing.  Your stencil doesn’t move.

Painting Paint a Pillow

Once you’re done painting, you let it dry.  Then you can loosen the prongs and remove the stencil.

Remove paint a pillow stencil Removing stencil

The pillow cover comes with a cardboard insert.  Since I wanted to add some brass studs, I left the cardboard in.  I just used my thumb to press the brackets through the fabric and onto the cardboard.

Adding embellishments

The smaller studs required a little extra help.  I used the paint bottle to push them through.

Adding Embellishments to pillow

Once I had all my studs in place, I carefully pulled them away from the cardboard and removed the cardboard.  Then, I turned the pillowcase inside out and used the end of a pen to bend the brackets.

Adding Brands

I had completed my first pillow!

Paint a Pillow Bright

Colorful paint a pillow

paint a pillow with color

I washed the stencil – which was really easy to clean.  And I began a second pillow.  This time I used the natural cover (instead of the white).  The first pillow was designed around my office, and this pillow was going to go in my family room. I used the roller and rolled the entire stencil in white.  This pillowcase was a neutral color, so I thought it would be pretty (and work well in my family room decor!) to create a muted neutral design using only white and gray paint.  Since white is so light, I painted the entire pillow in white first.  (And it was SO fast!)

Rolling Paint a Pillow

After I painted the white, I started painting over some of the white with the neutral gray. After my success with the first pillow, I got braver and decided to try an ombre look on the outer right with gray and white.  I added the neutral gray to the outer edge of the last right.

Painting Ombre

Then I mixed the white and neutral gray and added this to the center of the outer right – leaving the inside of the outer right white.

Mixing Paint

Neutral painted pillow

I decided not to embellish this pillow.  And although completely different from my first design, I loved it!

Paint a Pillow Neutral Neutral paint a pillow*

After the paint is dry (and before you add embellishments), you can set your paint with an iron.  I definitely would recommend this.  I have kids.  These pillows will get dirty and some point and need to be washed. bright pillow cover neutral pillow cover

I love the versatility.  I had one stencil and created two completely different (and unique) looks for my home! Go create something!

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56 thoughts on “Paint-A-Pillow

  1. Love, love, love this idea and your pillows! This solves so many issues I have with matching a room. Hooray!

  2. What a fabulous concept….this is right up my alley! Your pillows turned out adorable….and I love how you added the studs. They served as the perfect embellishment. I definitely have to check this company out 🙂 If I were to create a pillow for a certain room, it would either be the new nursery for baby #2 (arriving in July) or our master bedroom! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This concept really gets me excited! I’d design a pillow for my daughter who lives in a very cool loft apartment that used to be a warehouse. She’d love one!

  4. I have wanted to try this forever. I would put these in my Living Room and then maybe I would be inspired to redo the whole room. It needs a makeover.

  5. What a awesome idea, wish I had thought of it I absolutely love all the designs and would love to make one for my familyroom.

  6. Beautiful job! I’d like to do this for my living room. (If this is a dupe comment, please forgive me-I lost my connection as I tried to post!)

  7. Very cool! I’d love to do this for the living room, or the guest room. There are so many fun stencil options!

  8. I would give this kit to my daughter, so it would probably end up in her room. She would LOVE to do this.

    Sara, one of these days when she is bored and restless I am sending her to you to learn something new and creative. 🙂

  9. I’d do a pillow for my living room. I wonder how this would go creating a template with freezer paper to achieve something similar? Probably too hard to be as intricate though!

  10. I would design a pillow for my boyfriend’s new apartment. He needs a little help in the decorating department (currently his place looks a little like dorm room version 2.0 haha!) and some new pillows would be a great way to add some color. Since he can’t paint the walls…I decided to paint everything else! 🙂

  11. I love the design and colors you chose. I don’t know if I’d have that much patience though, I think I’d have to limit it to 1 or two colors. I’d love to be able to do a pillow for my bedroom.