Chalkboard US Travel Map

Today I’m sharing how to make this a chalkboard US travel map.

Chalkboard Travel Map

Now that my youngest is four, family vacations are more exciting and road trips seem less daunting.  I want to explore with my kids.  Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are the family road trips my parents planned for us. I created this map, and we’re only allowed to pin locations when we are all five on the trip together.  We have a lot of territories to cover! I made this chalkboard from a corkboard.  This is a very large board you can find at Hobby Lobby.  It retails for $20, but you can always use a 40% off coupon.

Cork Board

My friend Angela from Unexpected Elegance also created a pretty cool piece using one of these corkboards.  You can see more of it by clicking on the photo below:


I painted my frame using Valspar’s gold spray paint (from Lowes):

Gold Spray Paint

And then I painted the cork with chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Paint

Since I had a projector, I printed out a US map on transparency paper and projected it onto my chalkboard, and traced the image.




to download your own (PDF) file for the US map. Since I’m aware we’re in the 21st century, I realize most normal people don’t own (or have access to) overhead projectors.  Click HERE to find out how you can easily trace images and lettering onto your chalkboard.  (If you’re creating a piece this large scale, you can send the PDF file above to an office store to have it printed large scale.) I freehanded the lettering, but you can easily print out something and transfer it to your map.

Chalkboard Travel Map

Below are Amazon (affiliate) links for the china marker I used in this tutorial (and chalk pen which is also a great option):

I bought some colorful oversized push pins and painted them gold.  Since it’s a corkboard, I was easily able to mark our travels with the push pins.

Pattern Wall with Frog Tape

Now it’s time for us to start road tripping!

This chalkboard US travel map also makes a great gift idea.

Want to know more about my swiss cross patterned wall?  Click HERE.

Go create something!

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6 thoughts on “Chalkboard US Travel Map

  1. I loved this from the moment I saw it in a previous post! I had no idea it was a cork board. I will be making this very soon! PS. I have an old school projector too.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I have wished for instructions since I saw it on your Swiss cross wall post! I LOVE it!