Design Mom’s New Book

I’m pretty excited to have a little feature in Design Mom’s new book.

It’s just a teeny-tiny part of Design Mom‘s New Book: How to Live with Kids: A Room by Room Guide, but I’ll take it!  I can say I’ve been published – well, my shoe cubby has been.

Design Mom Book

As a mom of six, Gabrielle Blair (the author) has some experience with living with kids, and she has discovered how to design kid-friendly spaces that don’t compromise good design.  It is possible to have a well-designed home and a family!

Design Mom New Book*

The book filled with wonderful ideas, beautiful photos, and conversational writing. It is for those of us who live with kids but still appreciate (and desire) a beautiful space.  The book is bright and fun and makes the perfect conversation piece on your coffee table.

Design Mom New Book

I love that the book is organized by living spaces.

Design Mom - Entryway

And if you turn to The Entryway section…

Design Mom - Mud Room

You can see my mailbox turn shoe cubby! You can read more about my shoe and mudroom here.  

You can find Design Mom’s book on Amazon:

Design Mom New Book*

I found my shoe cubby at a local antique shop.  It was originally an old mail sorter, but I knew I loved it and thought outside the box for how to repurpose it and make it useful. Go create something!

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