Chair Rail Panel Moulding

Chair Rail Panel Moulding – see how we added this wall treatment to our hallway.  It made a huge difference in the space.

DIY Chair Rail Panel Moulding

We have a long hallway upstairs that I have never shared with you because it has been neglected for the past five years. Here’s what it looked like (for way too long):

When we first moved into our home, I created a wall gallery using all my extra frames – and there the frames have hung for five years. I have been dreaming and scheming about how to make this hallway a prettier space, so I was thrilled to partner with *Craftmold on my hallway makeover. *UPDATE: Unfortunately Craftmold is no longer in business.

Watch this video to see how easy installation is:

Craftmold offers adhesive mouldings that instantly update any space. I used the square 23″ x 23″ panels from the Ogee Collection.

These panels come with a heavy strength adhesive backing for quick and easy installation!

Before you begin, wipe down your walls with a damp cloth.  I installed a chair rail in our hallway before I added the Craftmold panels. I also laid out my panels to get a visual of how far (or close) I wanted my panel mouldings.


Mark a level horizontal line where you want the top of your panels to go.


Measure (and mark) between each panel to space them evenly. Use a level to create vertical lines for the sides of each panel.


Remove the adhesive film and install the panels by aligning with the top of the level line and the lines on the sides.


Add a bead of caulk to the inside and outside of each panel.  After caulk has dried, prime and paint.

And that’s it!  I added some wallpaper and an updated wall gallery using simple gold frames and old family photos. I also added new lightning.  The hallway has no natural light, so it was always a dark space the the recessed lights didn’t help much. Convert kits (see more on that HERE) allowed us to hang these gorgeous Schoolhouse Floating 12″ Opaque Ceiling Lights.  They are from Lamps Plus, and lighting can add so much to a space – they’re jewelry for the home!

Now I’m not embarrassed of our hallway – I love how classy and bright it is!  

A special thanks to Craftmold and Lamps Plus for their partnership on this hallway makeover. We love our DIY chair rail moulding!

Go create something!

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37 thoughts on “Chair Rail Panel Moulding

  1. Love the molding. It looks amazing. The wallpaper and lights really add to the overall design to create a pretty hall

    1. Nice job Sara, as always. We were inspired to renew and modernize our 1959 front bathroom by your inspirations. Unfortunately, it’s been tough getting through the old tile, mastic, 2 inches of cement than metal lathe!! The dual sinks and tiles were set in 6” of cement with rebar wrapped around the area and 5” nails 10 penny to hold the cement in the rear to create the vanity top. We’re working at it. Hopefully we will have it all off in a week. Keep inspiring!

  2. Sara-I love everything that you do!! Whenever I’m looking for ideas, I always search your site first! Our son is getting married (finally! He will move out! 28 yrs old and driving me crazy in a good way) our house hasn’t been touched in a long time…your hallway looks great! I think when you finish your home, you need to come work on mine! In NJ! We’re using some of your ideas to perk the house up for the engagement party. I love that you’re a Godly woman working at home to be with your family-He brought our son and his lovely bride to be together at college. We are very blessed. Thank you for your hard work and your incredible results!!! God bless! Susan

    1. Susan, thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for all your encouraging words! I am so glad my site inspires you – that’s definitely why I share my projects. It does sound like you are very blessed, and I hope the engagement party goes well. Congratulations on gaining a new family member, and blessings to you and your family!

      1. Thanks so much! What brand of pain did you use? I have noticed I now have a small collection of brass and gold paints, but I haven’t found a favorite for interior pain. Thanks!!

      2. Thanks so much! I appreciate your time! What brass paint did you use? I am slowly compiling quite a few, but I still haven’t found one I love for frames. Thanks!

  3. Hi! I LOVE this and am so happy to have found your site. Where did you get your wallpaper? I have used similar wall paper from Mintwood Home. But would love that exact one you have for my mudroom! Thank you!

  4. What an impressive transformation! I wonder if the moldings would stick to textured walls. They are kind of the norm here in Colorado. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Sara,
    Not only are your designs impressive and cost-effective, but watching the video of you doing this was pretty awe-inspiring. You must work out, or maybe this is your work-out – :))
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. How do you hang your ribba frames? I’ve tried command strips and it didn’t work well due to the small border. Thank you!!

  7. Your home is beautiful! What sheen do you recommend for walls with a board and batten, painted in white? I never know what would be too shiny or too dull:) (for dining room and hall way)

    1. Hi Jen! I’ve used everything from satin to matte for the finish – it really does depend on your preference! For the hallway, I went with satin since I painted it the same color as my trim and wanted it all to blend together – finish and color. Good luck!

  8. If Craftmold is no longer in business, any other recommendations for materials if one were to take on a project like this? Thanks!

  9. Sara,
    Since the hallway itself has no natural light, is it really just the change in color to the walls that adds all that extra light? I’m absolutely blown away by this transformation, and it really looks like there is added natural light, even though there isn’t.

  10. Hi!

    I have a really long hallway also. I’m thinking of adding the picture moldings. How did you handle the door on one side? Did your moldings line up on both walls? or did you just follow your measurements on each wall? On side of my hallway has no doors, the other has 4 so not sure how to handle lining up the frames across from each other. I don’t want to get seasick as I walk down my hall! haha. Thoughts?

    Thanks! Love your work!