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Christmas Lighted Sign

This post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Today I’m sharing a DIY for a Christmas Lighted Sign, and you can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (the tutorial steps are detailed in the post below):

Supplies Needed (all of the supplies are from Hobby Lobby):

  • Wooden Sign
  • Acrylic Paint (white, navy, and black)
  • Metallic Paint (gold)
  • Various Paint Brushes
  • Chalk
  • Battery-Operated Lights
  • Glitter (gold)
  • Painters Tape
  • Glue Gun
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Printed Font (the free printable is shared later in this post)

To begin, paint the sign with navy acrylic paint.

Add white if you want the sky to be more dimensional (see video for how to do this).

Add glitter to the sky while the paint is still wet.  Using black paint, paint the landscape.

Paint the frame with gold metallic paint. Once all the paint is dry, it is time to add the lettering.  I have two different versions of O Holy Night.  One is horizontal like mine, and the other is a more vertical layout.

Download the PDF files here:



Run chalk against the back of the printed lettering (read more about my perfect chalkboard lettering technique here).

Tape the printed lettering to the sign using the painter’s tape.

Use a pen to trace the letters.

Once the letters are traced, paint over them with white acrylic paint. With the same small brush and white paint, add stars all over the sky.  Keep in mind they shouldn’t be all evenly spaced – the night sky has star clusters.

Once the letters are dry, drill holes for the lights (make sure the drill bit is the correct size and drill from the outside in).

Once the holes are drilled, add the lights and glue the battery pack.

And the Christmas Lighted Wood Sign is done and ready to enjoy!

The DIY Christmas Lighted Wood Sign is a unique and fun way to decorate for the holidays!


Merry Christmas! Go create something!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Lighted Sign

  1. Sara-I think you are fabulous! I never leave a comment, but wanted you to know…the points you make are clear and precise. You show each step so even a moron (no worries-I’m completely comfortable in the skin God blessedme with!) like me could create your masterpiece! Thank you so much!!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Susan! I appreciate your encouragement and love hearing that I’m making sense when I share tutorials. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for your support!

  2. Hi Sara,
    I Love this tutorial and the picture so much. I was wondering what size of frame you purchased from Hobby Lobby. I was there today and saw they have different sizes so wondered which one worked the best for this project. Looking forward to making one and also a couple extra for my daughters.
    Thanks again, Jacky

  3. I am so excited to try this – you are very artsy! I love crafts that show results fairly quick , like this one
    I’ll send a picture if I get to do it!!

  4. Hi, Sara! I saw the “O Holy Night” Christmas sign at your mom’s. I loved it so much I am planning to make it for next Christmas. I noticed that the lights you used have a blunt tip, not pointy like on most light strings. You don’t even notice them when they are not on. Do you happen to know/remember what brand they are? Also, when you put the lights in, do you hot-glue them in place after doing so or add a little glue before they go in?
    Keep up the good work! I love to visit your site! Merry Christmas and many blessings for the new year.

    1. Hi Sandy! I heard you all had a nice visit together.

      It’s been a while since I made this sign, but I think I found them at Hobby Lobby. I’m sorry I can’t remember more about them!

      I added the glue after placing them.

      I hope this helps and good luck with your project!

      Merry Christmas!!