Bathroom Organization


Bathroom Organization

We are quickly approaching two years since our bathroom remodel, and although things look great from the outside, nothing had been organized since I originally put everything it (and it was a mess)!

Today I am sharing tips for organizing your bathroom – specifically bathroom vanities.

To begin, grab wipes and a cordless vacuum.

Now, it will get worse before it gets better.  Take everything out and vacuum the insides of the drawers and wipe away whatever can’t be swept.

Donate (or toss) whatever you can live without (If I hadn’t used it in the past year, it was gone). I highly recommend using deflecto’s stackable caddy organizer.

They are amazing for crafts, but they also work so well in my bathroom.  I used one caddy for all of my nail supplies and another for random supplies.

Each compartment can actually come out from the caddy (but you can also open each compartment while it’s in the caddy). I put all my nail polish in the larger compartment, my nail clippers in the smallest compartment and all the other miscellaneous nail tools in the other.

The clear compartments make it easy to see what’s stored inside, and I love that I can take the caddy with me wherever I go – especially because I usually do my nails while I’m sitting outside or watching TV.

I used the other caddy for all my overflow supplies like my daily contacts.

 Each compartment securely snaps into place, ensuring whatever is inside stays there.

 The compartments stack easy and snap together.

I put my caddy under my sink, and I love having it all visible and organized!

I also organized my drawers using things I had on hand (like plastic bins and small boxes) and inexpensive trays from the dollar store.

I have all my hair supplies in one of the top drawers since it’s what I use the most.

And the other top drawer has all my makeup supplies.

The second drawer holds all my random (but needed) supplies – razor blades, contacts, and medicine.

The other second drawer contains my accessories – like bracelets and headbands.

And my lower deep drawers hold all my curling irons and blow dryers.

I gave myself an hour and a half to organize the bathroom vanity, and it was completed in that time. I feel so much better having everything organized – it was really driving me crazy!

I just wonder why it took me almost two years to do!

How could you use the stackable caddy organizer in your space?

Go create something!

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