DIY Guest Room Makeover with FrogTape

This DIY guest room makeover may be my favorite yet.  Our guest room was overdue for an update, and that makeover included an easy (but high impact) DIY paneled wall.


Before I share that DIY tutorial, I want to talk about my design board for this space. My first goal in designing the room was to make my guests feel pampered.  I decided the best way to pamper them is with a beautiful space to rest and sleep. Here is a before photo of the guest room:

Guest Room

And here is an after:


While envisioning this space, I saw luxury.  To me, luxury is dreamy colors (I chose a blush, gray, and gold color palette) and layers of gorgeous textures and inconsistent repetition.


I used textures of all sorts from velvets to knits to plush furs. I also softened the walls with a lighter gray (Behr’s Silver Drop) and added texture to the walls with the DIY paneled wall.


  • 1″ x 4″ x 8″ primed MDF boards
  • Wood Trim for top detail (also in 8 ft length)
  • FrogTape®
  • Nail Gun
  • Caulk
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brush

This paneled wall (I already had everything but the boards and paint) cost me around $100. Because there is a door on my wall, I decided to begin the paneled wall at the top of the doorframe.  I used my nail gun to install the wall, and I hit studs whenever possible (and used a level to make sure I kept everything straight).


I was only able to get 8-foot pieces in my car, so I was not able to get pieces large enough to span the full length of my wall.  There would be a seam somewhere, so I decided to put mine in the center of the wall (I like symmetry).


I added the vertical boards after my horizontal boards were installed.



I kept everything evenly spaced and straight with the measuring tape and level. Once the paneling is installed, it can be caulked.


Once the caulk is dry, it is time to prep for painting.


The paneled wall and the other walls in the room were painted a pale gray (Behr’s Silver Drop).  The off-white trim moldings were protected by using FrogTape® brand painter’s tape for crisp clean edges every time.


I am a huge fan of frog tape, and I love to partner with them whenever I can.  It is a product I really couldn’t live without.  I use it in all my painting projects!


I love this room dreamy room and hope my guests feel pampered when they visit.



All the bedding sources will be shared soon in an upcoming post.




What special things do you do to pamper your guests?

Go create something!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Guest Room Makeover with FrogTape

  1. Hi sarad: I love your paneled wall. However the color you paid Ted your news paneled wall doesn’t go with the old door color. Also what I wanted to know was, did you use the nail gun to nail the pieces of mdf board onto the wall?
    Beautifully done, pam

  2. Where did you get that headboard?! It’s fantastic!! I know that it was pre-make over but hopefully you can recall….

    Thank you!!

  3. Hi Sara D. love your taste!! You did a great job. I was just curious if the picture next to the bed was 2nd hand or purchased in a store?? Its just my taste and would love to find something similar for my bathroom which I just finished painting. I’m looking for a beach theme with the look of a oil painting. If you have any pointers it would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Tina

  4. I think all of your work is wonderful!! It looks better than professional! Don’t worry, your guests will feel like royalty when they visit you. They are blessed to know you!

  5. Hi you’re amazing I’m trying to chalk paint a picture frame been crafty all my life but unfortunately your healthy one day, Amy way I sèen your post and you have given me me something to look forward to your designs are beautiful ,thank you for you post out of the millions you’res just shows your a real woman not like most that post ..thank you so very much

  6. Hi Sara, your guest room is so beautiful. May I ask where you purchased the gorgeous blush comforter from?
    Thank you.