Tuscany Inspired Entertaining Tips

Today I’m sharing some Tuscany Inspired Entertaining Tips.

Dreaming of Tuscany | Easy Entertaining Tips

Although I’ve never been to Tuscany, I dream of its picturesque, rolling landscape and delicious food and wine.  I picture old-world European decor that is dramatic and elegant. I am excited to partner with Balsam Hill on their Around the World campaign, and today we’re going to pretend we’re in Tuscany.  If you’re stopping by from the Parisian Countryside (The Naptime Reviewer), welcome!

I was able to bring a touch of Tuscany’s charm into my home through Balsam Hill’s beautiful decor that adds sophistication to my home.  Besides sharing these gorgeous decor pieces, I’m also going to share a few ways to entertain – without the stress.

When hosting, the easiest place for the food is the kitchen (and if there are kids involved, this is always my default).

I set up a little cheese tray in the kitchen with some fruit-infused water (this is my kid version of entertaining Tuscany-style). I love to add some greenery to all my spaces when I decorate – even when I set up an eating area.

These small Campania Olive Topiaries are perfect for adding warmth to my serving area and require no maintenance since they are faux – so they can live happily in my kitchen. If I was serving a larger crowd and more than just a little cheese tray and drink, I would break the food into various stations:

  • appetizers
  • entrees
  • sides
  • desserts
  • drinks

Let’s go back to dreaming about Tuscany… I imagine music playing in the background.  My piano is the best I can provide for background music here in my home, and I’ve added a little Tuscan charm with  Balsam Hill’s large olive tree.

It’s incredibly realistic looking – right down to the pot.  I love that I don’t have to worry about watering or cleaning up dropped leaves.

However, if my home really were in Tuscany, I think I would invite you into our living room for drinks and appetizers.  My back patio would overlook the gorgeous Tuscan rolling hills, and we would all be laughing, drinking, and nibbling on my cheese tray.

Again, I added some greenery to the serving area with Balsam Hill’s stunning Peach Rose Floral Arrangement.

I considered buying expensive meats and cheeses for my Tuscan-inspired cheese tray.  However, I like to entertain, and the reason I enjoy it is that I make it easy.  Making it easy doesn’t mean it still can’t be gorgeous and special.  Ultimately, I just want to my guests feel comfortable and welcome in my home.

Tips for making an easy but gorgeous cheese tray:

  • Begin with a large platter for arranging the cheese and other edibles (I used Balsam Hill’s Wine Barrel Lazy Susan).
  • Add soft cheese(s).
  • Add a variety of cheese chunks or slices (You can cut your own, buy prepackaged cheese cubes or many grocery stores have a cheese section where they’ve pre-chunked cheese).
  • Add some meat.  You can go as fancy as you prefer, but I just went with salami (mainly because I knew my kids would eat it after this photoshoot).
  • Add some fruit.  Grapes are always a great go-to because they are gorgeous with little work.  I added some peaches because they are in-season and they added gorgeous color to the tray.
  • Add some crackers – look for different shapes and textures.
  • Add some nuts.

Tell me your tips for entertaining easily and beautifully – I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading through my Tuscany Inspired Entertaining Tips.

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4 thoughts on “Tuscany Inspired Entertaining Tips

  1. Wow. Your decorating is Perfect. Perfect balance of low light colors and highlights, perfectly spaced/integrated so that it isnt too saturated or too weak. You give the eye a adequate place to rest, and yet your suprises captivate theye, keeping it intrigued. Amazingly the opposite is also true. When its understated, its also perfectly done. Fantastic style. Very sophisticated, not naive at all. Most are naive. Your talent is special.